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Lasers and Idiots ~

Author: yankeemom  //  Category: STUPIDITY

If it isn’t one damn thing for those who protect us, it’s another:

Green lasers halt Coast Guard air searches

Posted by LT Stephanie Young

The SAR alarm is sounded and a Coast Guard helicopter is launched. As the aircrew arrives on scene, ready to search for the boater who needs their help, a green light enters the cockpit. It’s a green laser being shined from land and its blinding beam forces the pilots to head back to base, unable to finish their search.

This life-threatening incident is not a made-up story but something happening to Coast Guard aircrews along our nation’s coasts as they take flight to save lives.

When a laser is directed into an aircraft, the aircrew has to stop searching immediately and land. The crew is grounded until each person has an eye exam and is cleared by a flight surgeon. This process can take up to 24 hours, depending on when and where the incident occurred. Additionally, there is typically a two-to-three hour delay to get a new helicopter and crew on scene to resume a search.


Can we bring back the switch?


Just For the Funny ~

Author: yankeemom  //  Category: STUPIDITY

Wandering off the Military path today for just a few minutes to bring you a little Forward thinking.  What better way to end the week with Obamabots trying for rational thought:

Caleb Bonham Interviews Attendees of the Obama/Fluke Campaign Event

(h/t Conservative Daily News)

Lawsy, makes one want to pound sand just to relieve the pain in one’s head.

Yet, I’m sure all these women feel extra especially righteous for being so involved in poitical action.

OUR BODIES, OUR SELVES!!!  (Just as long as we don’t have to pay for it.)

And as always, the comments at YouTube are entertaining as well.


November Can’t Come Soon Enough ~

Author: yankeemom  //  Category: STUPIDITY

I hope you all had an enjoyable Independence Day.  Here at our house, thoughts and prayers were given to those in uniform, past and present, and also to those coping with all that the wildfires have brought to them.

And now that the fireworks are done, it’s back to the day-to-day stuff.

But first, I need to inform all of you who believe in what Independence Day signifies and celebrates, that  you are TERRORISTS!  Islamic blowers-up-of-sh*t?  Eh…not so much.

This, according to The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism funded by the Dept. of Homeland Security, that is.

The report: Hot Spots of Terrorism and Other Crimes in the United States, 1970 to 2008

Excellent analysis at PJ Tatler:

Homeland Security-Funded Study Pushing Tea Party Terrorism Narrative

Thankfully, we have some speaking out against this insanity:

Allen West: Military infiltration by Islamic terrorists all part of a bigger stealth Jihad

This administration and it’s believers are seriously affected by personal malfunctions.

Priorities Change ~

Author: yankeemom  //  Category: STUPIDITY

Not much is being said about the fact that the number of KIAs (aka: our kids) in Afghanistan has reached 2000~ what was called a MILESTONE!!! when Bush was president.  Where is the 24/7 news cycle on this?  Where are the protesters?  The puppets of Obama?  Code Pinkies with red paint on their hands invading congressional hearings?


Apparently it’s not the troops (our kids) killed in war that’s important as much as to which party the president belongs.

A very black mark against humanity.


But wait!  There’s more!

It’s racism, you know, to hold the current president’s Attorney General in contempt for not cooperating with Congress. This, of course, would have nothing to do with the fact that a Border Agent and an ICE agent were murdered with guns that were walked and not traced effectively (if at all ~ who knows?).  No, it couldn’t be anything else, such as wanting to know the who, (esp. the who) when, where and why about an operation with a hidden agenda shredding the Constitution ~ again.

Racism.  Definitely racism.


(H/T ~ from

Because that’s all they have left!  God knows they can’t be truthful or transparent about their actual agendas.  (See, it’s kinda not very American and they know it would upset a lot more of us than it already has if the media did their job and report the actual news and not State propaganda.  But shhhh…be vewy, vewy qwiet ~ it’s a secwet.)

And if people die so they get what they want?  Hey, stuff happens.


A couple of prime examples of the bullsh*t the ugly Obamabots are spewing:

Juan Williams on Brian Terry’s Death: ‘Hey, People Die’

>>>Go here to see more idiocy ~ Krauthammer takes on NPR’s Nina Totenberg




What is wrong with these people?


What A Month!

Author: yankeemom  //  Category: STUPIDITY

Is your head spinning?  Mine is!  From Occupiers to nasty children on a bus and the continuous hissy fits from progressives in DC and the media, I don’t know which upsets me more – the stunning ignorance of the US populace or the moral bankruptcy eating away at our nation’s heart and soul.

First ~ #Occupy Protesters Disrupt Oakland City Council (Language warning, of course.)

Published on Jun 20, 2012 by 

These vile and disrespectful people are angry at a proposal to ban weapons at #Occupy protests. Notice, after they’ve had their say and someone comes up with a disagreeing view, the #Occupy protesters won’t allow him to speak. These #Occupiers want free speech to apply to them, but not to anyone else.

And people say the Tea Party is intolerant and uncivil?

What is most disturbing is that the chairman just lets this disgraceful conduct continue past the first F-bomb and then goes into apologetic mode.  And the media had their little progressive knickers all in a knot over a symbol they deemed as a target on a Palin election map.

It’s time for some community outrage against this behavior ~  no more tolerance of such behavior, no more validating such nasty disrespect and outright craziness and no more apologizing.  Tell them to come back when they clean up their mouths and learn some manners.


I’m sure you’ve probably seen the video of the bus monitor, Karen Klein, being bullied by a few of the students on the bus, as it was the subject of the talk shows last week.  If not, go here.

I couldn’t watch more than a couple of minutes of it.  There was absolutely no reason for that to go on more than a few seconds.  The bus driver should have pulled over and let those kids have it.  (There’s duct tape for a reason.)  This hit home for me as I was a chaperone for my daughter’s marching band when she was in high school.  The other parent chaperones would sit up in the front of the bus and never look back, no matter what was going on.  The band Director always rode on the other bus with the “good” kids.  She was more interested in being their friend than an authority figure.  I rode toward the back on the rowdy bus – seems that there were lots of things were going on back there that weren’t always appropriate.  One time, I had to reach out and catch a student flying down the aisle after having been thrown by his brother.  (This was on a 2 1/2 hour ride with no smoking.)  The parent sitting next to me acquired a migraine and I was the only one out of 5 chaperones to address the nonsense.  I also let the Director know what was going on and how I felt about it all.  She turned rather pale as I was explaining (rather loudly, I admit) my displeasure with the students and chaperones on my bus and she started to back up against the door. Nothing much came from it and no one was disciplined.   But that was the last time for that behavior. I kept riding the bus and the kids.

I’ve heard some of the kids call their mother a b*tch or tell their parent to F-off, in public, just because they were asked to do something or to stop doing something.  The parent, 9 times out of 10, apologized to their kid!  It’s funny though, there were a few other parents who did expect good behavior out of these kids and came down on them when necessary yet had fun with the kids.  We became known as the crazy parents who were cool.  They seemed to want to ride on the bus we were on and sit with us at the band reviews. When they ran away from home, they came to our houses.  Go figure…


Now on to the lost kids in our nation’s capital, aka Congress and their fellow bureaucrats.

Sen. Ayotte on ‘one of great threats to our national security that you haven’t heard of’ [VIDEO]

As with everything government, the original job descriptions of elected representatives put forth in the Constitution are of no consequence when there’s pork to be had.  And there’s always pork to be had.  Wouldn’t it be nice if those people whom we elected to represent us and uphold our Constitution would actually represent us and uphold our Constitution.

Here’s What Gets Axed In The First Round Of Defense Cuts [Presentation]

Read the comments too.  head/desk


Congressmen launch “Defending Our Defenders” to stop defense cuts

Defending Our Defenders,” town hall-style events embarked on a seven-city tour to military rich communities hoping residents will acknowledge the regional impact that $500,000 billion in cuts would bring to their cities.

A Marine steps up ~ again.

We so need more Veterans in our Congress and less lawyers.  They know the meaning of core principles, such as leadership, duty, respect, honor and selfless service.  Plus, they have no problem speaking their minds. Respectfully, of course.

The Rat Detector


Dedham veterans angry about fiberglass rabbit placed at Oakdale memorial

You have to see it to believe it.  My hometown in MA did the same thing with lifesize decorated models of sheep and called it oh-it’s-just-so-exciting-art.  (And we taxpayers are funding grants to the National Endowment for the Arts…)

Comments are too good to miss here.  Ah, Massachusetts…


DoD Yanks Consent for Military Seals on Bibles

The MRFF (Military Religious Freedom Foundation) argued that DoD’s permitting the seals of the services to be used on Bibles violated the Constitution’s separation clause.


“The prominent placement of the Army emblem on such a profound religious instrument reveals an intent to convey a message of endorsement of religion,” MRFF said in a Jan. 6, 2011, letter to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.

Do educate yourself on the myth of this separation clause.  Bottom line ~ it’s freedom of religion; not freedom from religion.

And, just don’t buy one.  Sheesh!

Comments here are troubling and entertaining.


Islamist declared President of Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi has been declared the winner of Egypt’s presidential run-off.


The Muslim Brotherhood is an international Islamist organization which calls for implementation of Sharia law, the separation of sexes, and the end of Western influences in the Middle East.  It had promised violent protests if their candidate had not been declared the winner.

Oh yeah, this is what democracy looks like!


Inside the Ring: Military hit for correctness

The U.S. military is guilty of political correctness toward domestic Islamic terror, according to a congressional report made public Wednesday that concludes al Qaeda is using U.S.-based Muslim radicals to plan mass casualty attacks.


The report faulted the U.S. military for “political correctness” toward Islam, which the report called a “potentially devastating development” for the security of troops and their families.

Nothing to see here…move along now.  We don’t have “enemies”, just misunderstood potential friends.


Secret Service asks guests to fork over their flatware

See?  It’s not the Muslims.  It’s Latino elected officials!  Whodda thunk it?!

Go here too.


Now we have a choice here ~ to continue to put up with this nonsense from people who apparently have no use for civil discourse or respect for other people’s beliefs and opinions, but choose instead to be led by their emotions, which consist mostly of tantrums and insults ~ or to draw a line and let them know that we will not take notice of them until they display common decency and civility.

See many examples here.

Do we want to allow these borderline insane, or at the very least, maturity-challenged people to take down this country we love so much and all that it stands for?  Will we stand up for the heart and soul of this country that gives so much opportunity to those who reach out and take a risk?  Will those of us who believe in a Divine Power, liberty, courtesy, respect, voluntarily participating in service to our communities and raising decent kids to become decent adults let these non-thinking, foul-mouthed, tantrum-throwing, entitlement-addicted, self-centered human recorders of progressive talking points take that away from us?

The choice is ours.  Time to stand up to the bullies ~ in our towns and our nation’s Capital.


Oh yeah, this makes sense…

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In my email alerts on Military and Defense came the following two articles:

Panetta warns of ‘disaster’ from defense cuts

(again…apparently to no avail)


Pentagon to observe gay pride month for first time

(ooh, this is real important)

Another perfect example of the ludicrous entity known as our government and it’s experimental priority list.

What the hell is wrong with these people?  Congress is playing craps with our Troops and the Pentagon is playing push-the-envelope with everyone.

Seems to me there is some serious disconnect between The Suits and Reality.

‘Like Shooting Ourselves in the Head': The Implications of Sequestration on Defense





And This Is why They Get the BIG $$????

Author: yankeemom  //  Category: media bias, STUPIDITY

If it were just ignorance, it would be one thing.  But this guy is supposed to be intelligent and informed.  (I bet his fingernails are manicured and his palms have no calluses.)  I mean you can go through life sheltered from the harsher realities of life ~ such as being trapped in a burning building or losing a child.  (I bet he has a special mirror that he looks at himself in.) Still, you can talk with people who have experienced the harsher things in life ~ like WAR.  (I doubt he has ever held an air pistol, much less a weapon.)  You can also read about what men and women have gone through while in WAR.  Lots of books out there, the Military Channel, the History Channel and now terrific websites where you can actually watch videos of the actual person talking about what they went through or listen to a battle buddy talking about his fallen comrades in arms.  (He seems to know really big words, so we know he can read.)

But then it is MSNBC.

Watch here: Really, it’s frightening in the Dear-heavens-he’s-one-of-the-educated way.

Good lord, even with the I-will-use-impressive-vocabulary thang going on, his thoughts seem to have a hard time making their way out of his mouth.  (Ah, there’s no teleprompter.  Just someone jabbering into his earpiece there.  Apparently a bit distracting for the poor fellow.  Couldn’t even get the Lt Col’s name correct.)

CHRIS HAYES: Thinking today and observing Memorial Day, that’ll be happening tomorrow.  Just talked with Lt. Col. Steve Burke [sic, actually Beck], who was a casualty officer with the Marines and had to tell people [inaudible].  Um, I, I, ah, back sorry, um, I think it’s interesting because I think it is very difficult to talk about the war dead and the fallen without invoking valor, without invoking the words “heroes.” Um, and, ah, ah, why do I feel so comfortable [sic] about the word “hero”?  I feel comfortable, ah, uncomfortable, about the word because it seems to me that it is so rhetorically proximate to justifications for more war. Um, and, I don’t want to obviously desecrate or disrespect memory of anyone that’s fallen, and obviously there are individual circumstances in which there is genuine, tremendous heroism: hail of gunfire, rescuing fellow soldiers and things like that. But it seems to me that we marshal this word in a way that is problematic. But maybe I’m wrong about that.

Yes, Chris Hayes, you are so very wrong about that.

But buck up, realizing and identifying your problem is half the battle.



Things That Should Make You Take a Stand ~

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Another day, another VA hearing ~

If you ever wondered what all the bitching from our Vets is about regarding the VA (and you should),  go to the link below and read the report, Interim Committee Staff Report: Investigation of Joint Disability Evaluation System and the opening statements from those supposedly in charge of this area:

Seamless Transition: Review of the Integrated Disability Evaluation System

You will also find a link to the committee’s hearing archived video there.  It’s really worth the watch, especially if you  believe in supporting our guys and gals even after they come home.  Of course, you will probably find yourself throwing things at your TV, so be warned.


With all the appeasing, apologizing, political grandstanding and downright stupidity coming from this administration surrounding our Military, thankfully, we have Rep. West speaking up for our Troops.

Allen West’s letter to Obama over released terrorist:


To see larger image of entire letter, go here.


Stealth Islamic Propaganda Shown to Six Million American Students

On May 16 and 17 of 2012, Channel One Network, a national distributor of educational videos and newscasts viewed daily by over 8,000 middle and high schools, aired a two-part video series, titled “Young and Muslim in America” and “Islam in America.”


What is not revealed is that Mr. Sifaat is a political activist serving as a chapter president of the Muslim Students Association (MSA), one of the most radical Muslim Brotherhood front groups in America.

Read more.

I’m so glad my daughter is in the Army now.  She had more than enough indoctrination from the public schools in CA.  We’re thinking homeschooling for my grandson.

Read this about how the left is trying to eradicate homeschooling by lying, as usual:

Liberal Lies About Homeschooling


Take your blood pressure meds first:

The U.S. military’s ‘anti-Islam classes’

Just listen to the first 5 minutes of this ostensibly reasoned and credible attempt by “Inside Story Americas” to cast military training materials on Islam as a blight on the American ideals of tolerance, acceptance and multiculturalism. The reporters announce their discovery of “The Outlawed Brief” as if the training materials represent a clandestine attempt to foster discrimination against Muslims and NOT an appropriate and necessary response to a real threat.

Watch video here, but as Janet says, pace yourself…

Kick these anti-American people off US soil!!


Memorial Day Challenge: Ryan’s Story

Honor Flight Stories

Remember what this weekend is really all about.


Oh My! The Boy King Upsets Socialists ~

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Great read for a rainy Wednesday!  Or any weather, actually.

From the World Socialist Web Site:

Obama boasts of Bin Laden killing

President Barack Obama has launched his campaign for re-election by glorifying his role in giving the order for the killing of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.


What is most striking about this campaign appeal is its brazenly right-wing character. The Bill Clinton video, for example, plagiarizes one of the most notorious statements of George W. Bush, when he dismissed mounting public opposition to the war in Iraq by declaring that on such issues, “I’m the decider.”

As for Biden’s typically crude bumper sticker—“Bin Laden dead and GM alive”—this could indeed be used to summarize the record of an administration whose principal actions have been increasingly reckless military violence abroad and bailing out the banks and corporations at the expense of working people at home.


The Obama administration and the Democratic Party are making it abundantly clear that they have absolutely nothing to offer American working people confronting the worst economic disaster in generations. Instead, they put themselves forward as the champions of militarism, assassination and war.

The struggle against imperialist war cannot be waged through any section of the bourgeois political establishment. A genuine antiwar movement is inseparable from the mobilization of the working class as an independent political force, against the profit system and the American ruling class.

Do read the whole piece.  It’s definitely giggle-worthy during this never ever ending campaign.


More Than A Little Dangerous ~

Author: yankeemom  //  Category: STUPIDITY

Oliver North has a column out this week about Obama’s open mic moment.  A must read:

Diplomatic Duplicity

WASHINGTON — In the summer of 1987, just before my “television debut,” a true friend instructed me in a congressional hearing, “Remember, the microphone is always on — even when it’s not!” It’s a lesson I never have forgotten. Apparently, Barack Obama doesn’t have any friends to give him similar advice, or he doesn’t learn well. Either way, an open mic during this week’s nuclear security summit in Seoul, South Korea, has revealed our president’s extraordinary hubris and his penchant for dangerous diplomatic duplicity.

The video clip of an unscripted exchange March 26 between Obama and outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev should be grounds for the American people to hire a new commander in chief in November. The two leaders, evidently unaware they were being recorded, were discussing new limits on U.S. ballistic missile defense.


And you know who is going to have to clean up the (hopefully, non-toxic) mess?  Our Military ~  Made up of our sons and daughters, husbands and wives, Moms and Dads. All our so self-important leaders will have no problem putting the burden of saving their political a$$es on our men and women in uniform when their morally-bankrupt and politically-balless policies’ shite hits the fan.  And it must…they never seem to learn.

Our Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen will stand up and go forward, as they always do, and do their job.

And do it very well, with no thanks to their civilian commanders.

I. Can’t. Stand. It.


Pls pray for them all.