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“The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”

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The ‘Security Leak Administration’ and the Deaths in Libya

By Elise Cooper

Do Americans feel safer today than they did four years ago?  Considering the many dangers in today’s world: riots in Muslim nations against U.S. interests, a U.S. ambassador and three others dead at the hands of jihadists, an undetected Russian submarine in restricted U.S. waters, and China launching intercontinental ballistic missiles to possibly achieve a first-strike nuclear capability against the U.S.

Meanwhile, President Obama has created an atmosphere of appeasement and indecision regarding national security.

Read it all.

I, for one, do not and haven’t for 4 years.  And our Troops are feeling a bit skeptical about all this too, as they aren’t sure if they are going to be shot in the back of the head in the dark by a “friendly”.

I’ve seen the government do some stupid things in my lifetime but this administration is beyond the pale.

There are reasons to continue to fight for the First and Second Amendments and this administration is top of the list.


Statement from Secretary Panetta on Recovery of Surge Forces in Afghanistan

“This week, the ongoing effort in Afghanistan marked an important milestone:  the United States military has completed drawing down the surge forces President Obama committed in December of 2009, reducing our presence by 33,000 troops on schedule.  As we reflect on this moment, it is an opportunity to recognize that the surge accomplished its objectives of reversing Taliban momentum on the battlefield, and dramatically increased the size and capability of the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF).  This growth has allowed us and our ISAF Coalition partners to begin the process of transition to Afghan security lead, which will soon extend across every province and more than 75 percent of the Afghan population.  At the same time, we have struck enormous blows against al Qaeda’s leadership, consistent with our core goal of disrupting, dismantling and defeating al Qaeda and denying it a safe-haven.

“It is important to underscore that even as our surge troops return home, there are roughly 68,000 Americans who remain in a tough fight in Afghanistan, alongside their NATO and Afghan partners.  We are a nation at war.  But the international community is also strongly united behind our shared strategy to transition to Afghan security control, which will be completed by the end of 2014.”


Last of US surge troops leave Afghanistan, officials say

The 33,000 additional U.S. troops that President Barack Obama ordered to Afghanistan to tamp down the Taliban attacks nearly two years ago have now left the country, but a new wave of deadly insider attacks and a reassessment of how NATO troops partner with Afghans have raised questions about how well the military strategy is working.


Australian Brig. Gen. Roger Noble, deputy to the alliance’s operations chief, acknowledged earlier this week that the attacks are rattling the troops.

“It strikes right at the heart of our resolve,” he said. “It’s one thing to be killed in action by the insurgents. It’s quite another to be shot in the back of the head at night by your friends.”

Panetta, however, has rejected suggestions that the strategy is failing, and on Friday he said “we have turned the corner,” in Afghanistan and have successfully been able to build up the Afghan security forces so they can take the lead in security for large sections of the country.


Panetta is pathetic.   Is that the same type of “corner” they speak of regarding the economy’s recovery?  I hope not.

Could we please put everything on hold until we get a grown up in office who stops this apologetic appeasement nonsense?

(Find my happy place.  Find my happy place.)

Allen West: Our only foreign policy is appeasement and apology

You know, when people do the same thing over and over again, such as burning down buildings and raging violently and lethally, despite others trying to win their hearts and minds, it’s time to look at the whole situation and make decisions accordingly.  Unfortunately, it’s up to the government to do this.

So, how’s that government war on poverty and drugs working out?  Hell, we can’t even protect our own borders here!

Time to stop spinning our wheels and having our kids in uniform shot or blown up for people who have no concept of our version of freedom.  If we’re not going to take out our enemy once and for all and/or change their behavior, let’s stop this death by a thousand cuts (or IEDs).  It’s not like we don’t have the capability to correct a lot of this nonsense.

And if this administration and pathetic excuse for a Congress doesn’t get their collective shite together, we aren’t going to have much of a Military to carry out anything to protect us from anyone very soon.


Second batch of U.S. Marines arrives in southern Yemen

The second detachment of 30 U. S. Marines has arrived Thursday on the ground in Yemen’s southern province of Lahj to back security forces and deal with counter- terrorism issues in the country’s south, a senior government official told Xinhua.

Around 30 special Marines forces arrived at al-Anad military air base, situated in the south of the country, to conduct a joint training operation with counter-terrorism forces of Yemen, the local government official said on condition of anonymity.


Earlier this week, the Yemeni parliament unanimously rejected the presence of any foreign military forces on its soil for any reasons, demanding an immediate departure of the U.S. Marines forces.

The announcement of the Marines’ arrival has provoked an angry response from many conservative Yemenis, including clerics and political activists, who view it as a clear breach to the Yemeni Constitution and the Islamic rules and vow to stage more protests.


Will they be allowed to have bullets in their rifles?



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U.S. to Discipline Nine Soldiers in Afghan Incidents


WASHINGTON—The U.S. military is expected to discipline nine service members on Monday in connection with two incidents that sparked widespread outrage in Afghanistan, including the burning of copies of the Quran at one of the country’s largest military bases.

The punishment, which doesn’t include criminal charges or jail time, falls far short of Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s calls for a public trial, and it remains unclear how Afghan officials and the broader public will respond to decisions that could be viewed as relatively lenient.


The punishments against the Marines, and likely for the Army soldiers, are expected to be career-ending, blocking service members from re-enlisting, officials said.

Both the Army and Marine Corps are shrinking, and service members with significant administrative actions against them are unlikely to be retained, officials said.

Read it all here.

Oh for the love of god…here we go again.

Progtards battle cry: Appeasement. Appeasement. Appeasement.


American Taliban seeks group prayer in Ind. prison


The Associated Press

INDIANAPOLIS — The U.S. government claims it has the ultimate proof that American-born Taliban fighter John Walker Lindh might foment hate and violence among fellow Muslim inmates if they’re allowed to pray together daily. He has already tried, it argues.

Lindh had been charged with conspiring to kill Americans and support terrorists, but those charges were dropped in a plea agreement. He is serving a 20-year sentence for supplying services to the now-defunct Taliban government of Afghanistan and carrying explosives for them. He is eligible for release in 2019.

But Lindh, 31, accuses the government of going too far in its drive for security and trampling on his freedom of religion by restricting group prayers among Muslim inmates in the Terre Haute, Ind., prison unit where he has been housed since 2007.


Lindh is expected to testify Monday in federal court in Indianapolis during the first day of a trial that will examine how far prison officials can go to ensure security in the age of terrorism.

Read it all here.

What a waste of time and money.  But then, he does belong to a special victims pet group of the progtards, doesn’t he?  And these “plea deals” have got to go.


Seventeen party-goers ‘found beheaded’ in Afghan village

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (Reuters) – Fifteen men and two women were found beheaded in Afghanistan’s southern Helmand province on Monday, punishment meted out by Taliban insurgents for a mixed-sex party with music and dancing, officials said.


Also in same article:

Ten Afghan soldiers killed


Two US troops killed by rogue Afghan soldier



Veterans weigh in: $16 trillion debt endangers security

By Pete Hegseth  CEO, Concerned Veterans for America

What do American military veterans believe is the greatest threat to our nation’s security? If you think the answer is China, the Iranian nuclear threat, or foreign terrorist groups, guess again: Nearly three-quarters of veterans we surveyed last month cite economic weakness (42 percent) and the national debt (30 percent) as the top threats to national security.

As policymakers in Washington wrestle with historic budget deficits — and candidates hit the stump with plans to jumpstart the economy — they should keep these results in mind.

Veterans are often assumed to be a monolith, focused narrowly on VA health and retirement benefits. They’re not. Our military and veterans — having sworn an oath to defend the Constitution — have a keen eye towards all threats to our nation’s future, foreign and domestic. They know that our nation’s military might and inherent freedoms are inextricably tied to our economic health.


For the United States, which secures American and Western interests around the globe, the $16 trillion debt — combined with scant economic growth — is a recipe for compromised security. As our leaders seek to stanch the flow of deficit spending and mounting interest payments on the debt, the 19 percent of our budget that pays for our defense is increasingly a top target.

Why? Because it’s easier to cut back on military priorities than muster the courage to reform entitlement programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security — programs that together command a much larger portion of the federal budget (62 percent) and are the overwhelming drivers of current and future debt. Those programs — especially Medicare — also constitute a political maze of presidential proportions, as we’ve seen in the past few weeks.


Once again, political game-playing on the backs of our warfighters. Heaven forbid any of those multiple and redundant entitlement programs have a penny cut from their bloated bureaucracy.



MoH recipient Meyer blasts Army officers in new book

WEST MILFORD, N.J. — During one of the Afghan war’s ugliest battles, Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer was nearly taken prisoner at gunpoint but fended off his would-be captor by beating him to death with a baseball-sized rock, according to the Marine’s forthcoming book.

That is among several revelations in “Into the Fire: A Firsthand Account of the Most Extraordinary Battle in the Afghan War.”

Very interesting interview.  And another book to add to the reading list.


Swift-Boating, Media Lies & Enemy Lists ~

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Navy SEALs Hit Back at Pres. Obama’s ‘Condescending and Belittling’ Comments


If nothing else, the AP is consistent in it’s half-truth reporting and progressive shielding for the Great One:

Special operators to anti-Obama groups: zip it

By KIMBERLY DOZIER, AP Intelligence Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) — A group of retired special operations and CIA officers who claim President Barack Obama revealed secret missions and turned the killing of Osama bin Laden into a campaign centerpiece are coming under criticism from some of their own.

Some special operations officers say the activist veterans are breaking a sacred military creed: respect for the commander in chief.   (Myself ~ I respect the office, but definitely not the man.  I don’t see where he has done much to warrant that respect.)

“This is an unprofessional, shameful action on the part of the operators that appear in the video, period,” U.S. Army Special Forces Maj. Fernando Lujan wrote on his Facebook page, to a chorus of approval from colleagues.  (Read this to know a bit more about Maj. Lujan’s perspective. Sigh…it’s no wonder the AP talked to him.)


“This is not to criticize the president personally, and the president himself,” the group’s founder, former Navy SEAL Scott Taylor, said in an interview Tuesday. “But at the same time, we feel he is ultimately responsible for cracking down on these leaks.”   (The buck should stop at the CinC’s desk, but since this CinC is rarely at his desk, I guess that doesn’t pertain to Dear Leader.)


The head of U.S. Special Operations Command sees it differently.

“Make no mistake about it, it was the president of the United States that shouldered the burden for this operation, that made the hard decisions,” the leader of the raid, Adm. Bill McRaven, said at this summer’s Aspen Security Forum.  (Just goes to prove that there may be brass on their shoulders, but not so much elsewhere.  Politics triumphs over values these days ~ as well as our kids’ lives.)


Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., compared the group’s campaign to the “Swift Boat” attacks that questioned his service during the Vietnam War. Though later discredited, (Really????) the claims were partially blamed for unseating his 2004 presidential campaign. (Aw, come on, AP.  The only ones who were discredited were Kerry and some of the “witnesses” that lined up to bamboozle America about those who fought in Vietnam.  Hell, he didn’t even throw his own medals over the fence…)

But wait!  There’s more!!  From the “truth-tellers” over at, another addition to The Enemy List:

Swift Boat 2.0: Conservative groups behind false attacks on the President’s national security record

It is not surprising that the attacks these groups are launching lack any credibility. The President is committed to protecting our troops and our country’s security. The only way to mislead Americans about his record on national security is to resort to dishonest and overtly political smear campaigns that do a disservice to Americans who deserve to know the facts about the President’s record.

So says the lying kettle to the pot.

EDITORIAL: Swift-boating Obama

Veterans target the leaker-in-chief

President Obama is brushing off criticism from the Special Operations community over politicized national-security leaks and his exaggerated role in the Osama bin Laden takedown. Two new organizations — the Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund and Special Operations Speaks — have launched campaigns to highlight the president’s exploitation of the military for political gain.

“I don’t take these folks too seriously,” Mr. Obama said on Monday, but the criticism must be hitting a raw nerve. The Obama campaign quickly put up a webpage devoted to discrediting the groups.

Read more: EDITORIAL: Swift-boating Obama – Washington Times

“I don’t take these folks too seriously” ~ That is the problem right there.  The only person he takes seriously is himself.

Oh, and those who donate to his never-ending campaign.  But he’d still throw them under that big ol’ bus of his, if need be.

For those of us at home who have kids and loved ones in uniform, realizing that NO ONE is reporting the facts anymore, is enraging and crazy-making.


Also ~ A good question:

Is the Administration ready to admit these attacks aren’t anomolies?


What I want to highlight is a little add-on to the bottom of the story posted on FoxNews at

So far this year, civilian and military leaders keep saying that these attacks are “anomolies”, “lone wolves” and “infiltrators” in order to downplay how serious an issue this is. But from reading the piece below it sounds to me like they are starting to indirectly admit that this is a serious issue.

About damn time.  But will anything positive come from it?


Peters Nails It ~

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I don’t always agree with LCol Peters, but this is spot on:

Col. Ralph Peter Flips His Lid over Taliban Photo Coverage

“…retired United States Army Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters described himself as “furious” at the L.A. Times and the civilian military leadership for their handling of the nascent scandal. Peters told Megyn Kelly this controversy was an example of the “moral cowardice of military leaders who never stick up for our troops but protect their own careers….”

“…terrible scandal here,” but that scandal has “nothing to do with our troops in combat.”“No terrorists were harmed in the taking of those snap shots,” said Peters. “The real scandal is that the L.A. Times, desperate to survive, creates a scandal, publishes those pictures over the Pentagon’s objections. The real scandal is that the establishment media leaps on another chance to trash our troops. The worst of the scandal is that our leaders, in and out of uniform, rush to condemn our troops – no explanation, no context.”

“I suggest the White House spokesman Jay Carney join the military and see what it’s like himself before he condemns our troops,” Peters continued. “I’m especially appalled that those in uniform, General [John R.] Allen, our commander in Afghanistan, just jumped to trash our troops.”

You can watch the entire video at the link.

This is one reason the Army is losing so many good NCOs and COs.

There have always been Generals who place their career above the Troops on the ground but this crop of leaders is beyond the Political Correctness pale.

Between the media and the Generals, the Troops just may lose the war…at home.


Whose Side are They On?

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Just another example of the kind of articles that passes for professional journalism these days:

Taliban lead attacks on U.S. bases and government sites across Afghanistan

The writers sound almost gleeful when describing the attackers.  It reminded me of a Hollywood movie script where the bad guys are so impressive and the good guys are bumbling idiots.

And lord knows, after reading this, you are still left wondering what’s really going on there.


No More Apologies ~

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I understand the Military’s attitude of “finish the mission”.  I lived through the awful indignity of the media and Democrats’ insult to the Vietnam War troops through their lies and military-bashing in the news hour and on the floors of Congress.  I’ve taken on the present day Code Pinkies and Women in Black types with their “we support the troops”, which was anything but support.  I’ve spent hours trying to educate the 99% of Americans who have no understanding of the 1% who stepped forward, raised their right hand and took an oath to defend their country in time of war.

But I’ve come to the point this past week where I’m thinking it’s time to bring them all home.  What with the ludicrous koran burning apologies that didn’t stop seven American soldiers from being murdered, assassination-style by the ones they were supposed to trust, the disarming of our Marines so that Panetta could swoop in and talk the BS talk to these Marines who know more about the reality of what they’re up against than Panetta ever will and now the media is again trying to be judge, jury and executioner of an American Sgt. caught up in a politically-correct-nation-building-win-hearts-and-minds clusterf%*k, which, to begin with was never the intended mission, it’s too much to bear.

If our Troops aren’t going to be allowed to do their jobs, you know, killing the enemy…then why should they be over there at all?

And…does anyone even know what the mission is anymore?

I came across this article about “Retired Navy SEAL Commander Mark Waddell (who) is the father of Marine Lt. Joshua Wadell, who he said was unjustly punished for breaking the military’s “Rules of Engagement” in the name of safety on the battlefield.”

Father seeks changes to battlefield rules

These are self-imposed rules that are put on soldiers by politicians. In many cases, they do more harm to our soldiers than they do to the enemy,” said Dr. Jeffrey Addicott, director of the Center for Terrorism Law at St Mary’s University.

Adicott said some example of Rules of Engagement include soldiers being unable to shoot an enemy at night, shooting a female soldier with a rifle and being unable to kill a wounded enemy while they’re trying to leave or in a civilian vehicle.

“It does a lot of harm to our soldiers. In many cases, our soldiers are killed because they’re afraid that they’ll be punished if they use violence that contradicts these absurd rules of engagement,” said Addicott.

Nevermind that the CinC has already used the word “murder” when speaking about the Panjwai “massacre“.  (Kind of goes along with that “police acting stupidly” comment.)

Nevermind that the DHS has named Veterans as being potential ‘terrorists’ but this administration can’t bring itself to call any terrorist from the Religion of Peace, a terrorist.


Andrew McCarthy has an excellent piece on this Afghanistan experiment, which should be read in it’s entirety:

Worse Than a Powder Keg

“…In the main, the Afghans are Muslims in the thrall of Wahhabism, the fundamentalist Islam of Saudi Arabia. As such, they cannot be liberated — they have chosen their own tyranny.

In the meantime, not only have Mr. McKeon and his colleagues failed, in the eleven ensuing years, to specify the Taliban in the AUMF as the enemy of the United States, but we can’t even get the State Department to designate them as a terrorist organization (although, in 2002, President Bush amended the relevant executive order, No. 13224, to label them a global terrorist organization). Three years ago, the then–theater commander, General Stanley McChrystal, asserted that Afghanistan is not our war: “This is their war. . . . This conflict and country are [theirs] to win — not mine.” Now, the Obama administration has no stomach to fight them; as the Taliban mock us and threaten to behead our troops, the president applauds their new diplomatic mission in Qatar. Obama is pleading with them to negotiate — reportedly even offering to release Taliban war criminals detained at Gitmo if that is what it takes to get a deal.

The only reason for our troops to be in a barbaric country is to vanquish the barbarians. Obviously, we are not trying to do that in Afghanistan; we are biding time, putting our young men and women at grave risk, so that Obama can manage a withdrawal, so the non-war against our non-enemy looks like a non-surrender….”

Our troops should be out of Afghanistan. Yesterday.

I never thought I’d be agreeing with that sentiment.  But the world has gone a$$ over teakettle into insanity and I don’t believe our Finest should pay the price.  Nope, not anymore.

But then…


The Deafness of the MSM ~

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Perfect example of why I hate what the “free press” has become:

We don’t know many details of this situation and Soldier, except what has been put out by the media.  And Lord knows, they have no compunction in talking endlessly about things and people of which they know absolutely nothing.

Tom Tarantino does a good job of trying to bring perspective on this tragedy, but Elite Media Person will have none of it.  God forbid our Military ever gets a break from these soul-less merchants of propaganda.

Then there’s the CIC who makes a statement about this and uses the word “murder”.  And no one calls him out on it.  Disgraceful.

Lawyer: Accused soldier was loathe to deploy

“…The soldier lives in the Seattle area and asked to be represented by (John Henry) Browne when he was taken into custody, the lawyer said…”

Browne “said he was girding for a case that is “more political than legal”.”

Oh, no doubt this will be used as a political football ~ that’s one thing our Troops are considered good for by politicians and activists who place pushing their agenda above any hint of integrity or honor.  Seen it too many times before.

Prayers going up for this Soldier and his family for leadership and wisdom to prevail in this case.


Well, This Is Disturbing ~

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Read this article by Sara A. Carter, The Washington Examiner’s national security correspondent:

Afghan rules of engagement force U.S. soldiers to free insurgents caught red-handed

Several Taliban detainees who had been captured in February after being observed placing bombs in the culverts of roads used by civilians and military convoys near Kandahar were fed, given medical treatment, then released by American troops frustrated by a policy they say is forcing them to kick loose enemies who are trying to kill them.

Despite what American soldiers say was a mountain of evidence, which included a video of the men planting the bomb and chemical traces found on their hands, there was nothing the soldiers who had captured them could do but feed and care for them for 96 hours and then set them free.


Apparently, Gen. Petraeus hasn’t done much in this area as he suggested he might relax the ROE in 2010 when he took over for Gen. McChrystal.

I tried to find more info on this past 2010, but came up empty handed.  So if there are any Military out there that can speak to this, please do so.

Of course, with Obama as CinC (cough), the media will not report on anything that will make him look bad.

Notice how we just don’t hear that much about troops killed lately, even though the number of KIAs in Afghanistan has gone way up under Obama.

(And of course, no boots on the ground in Libya….uh huh.)


Another Slap In The Face For Veterans ~

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As if the maze of VA bureaucracy wasn’t daunting enough for Veterans, along comes DoD spokeswoman Cynthia O. Smith:

Pentagon Blames TRICARE for Life Benefit for Steep Increases in Military Health Care

If military retirees think the Pentagon plan to raise TRICARE fees does not include them, they better think again. In a statement Thursday, a DoD spokeswoman revealed the true target of the Department’s TRICARE attack-TRICARE for Life.

In response to National Association for Uniformed Services (NAUS) testimony asking Congress to “hold the line” against fee increases, DoD spokeswoman Cynthia O. Smith pulled back the curtain on the Department’s plan to assert that TRICARE for Life was one of the biggest factors contributing to growing costs for military health care.

DoD was responding to NAUS testimony that accused the Department of manipulating military health care data in order to blame military retirees for the rising costs of the military health program.

In the DoD statement following NAUS testimony, the spokeswoman said the problem is introduction of the TRICARE for Life benefit for elderly retirees. She also asserted that a second large factor for increasing expenses is the fact that “working age” military retirees actually use the benefit they earned as a result of a 20-year career in the uniformed service. (Italics mine)

Yes, as appalling as it sounds, you read that right. According to spokeswoman Smith, rising costs result from the earned benefit being used.

It is not, according to Ms. Smith, that “working age” military retirees pay too little a share in enrollment fees. Rather, she says, it’s the fact that those who’ve earned the benefit actually use it. One is left to wonder why the Pentagon package calls for a 13 percent increase in “working age” TRICARE Prime fees when they tout the problem is far more simple-those who’ve earned the benefit are using it.

NAUS also notes that neither of the factors DoD cites-TRICARE for Life or “Working Age” Use of the Earned Benefit-are part of the current Pentagon package of TRICARE fee increases.

Clearly, DoD has more in mind. The plan for TRICARE increases may indeed seem “modest” at first look, but it is clear the plan is “a nose under the tent,” designed to divide the voice of retirees and start the roll-out for substantial increases in TRICARE fees and copays beyond just TRICARE Prime.

Another element DoD fails to mention is its estimate that for every 10 percent increase in out-of-pocket costs, the number of beneficiaries using TRICARE Prime is reduced by one percent. With a 13 percent increase in the first year, if DoD’s estimate is accurate, we’re likely to see more than 7,700 military retirees drop out of the TRICARE Prime plan with thousands more to follow in the coming years due to the compounding increases in the program if its plan goes into effect.

The DoD spokeswoman made no mention of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as contributing to dramatic increases in the cost of military health care as NAUS charged.

NAUS is joined in opposition to the Pentagon plan by the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the AMVETS, the Air Force Sergeants Association and the Jewish War Veterans.

Source: NAUS

While John Baldacci, former Governor of Maine, is appointed director of the Military Health Care Reform Initiative for the Department of Defense at a reported salary of $165,300 a year.

“We don’t need a health care czar,”Wilson said. “We have veterans’ service organizations that can provide this information”about needed reforms. “And this is not the government’s money. This is taxpayers money…being diverted from the military health care system.”

Baldacci was a four-term U.S. congressman before becoming governor in 2003. In January 2011 he completed his second term. Baldacci did not serve in the military or on the armed services committee. He did establish a comprehensive health care reform system in Maine, which has been extolled by the left and criticized by the right. He also was the second governor to sign a gay marriage law, and the first to do so without a court order.

The Department of Defense made no official announcement of his appointment as director of its Military Health Care Reform Initiative. Maine reporters published the first stories on it last week. As governor, they said, Baldacci was paid $70,000 a year. His Department of Defense appointment is for one year “with an option to extend if necessary.”

“This is a temporary project where he will review, evaluate, assess and make recommendations”on health reform to Clifford L. Stanley, the under secretary of defense for personnel and readiness, Smith said. “His leadership, executive and legislative experience will deeply enhance this initiative.”

Read the rest here.

Now we can spend Americans tax dollars on Pork projects such as, $4,841,000 on Wood Utilization and $1,000,000 on Grain Sorghum and $500,000 for Fusion energy spheromak turbulent plasma experiment.

But No, let’s blame the Veterans for actually using the benefits promised them.


It’s Not Just Dogs ~

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Cats are becoming American citizens too:

South Jersey soldier rescues cat from Afghanistan

LAWRENCE – Like his namesake, the odds of “Rocky” the cat making it in America was a million-to-1 shot and maybe longer than Rocky the boxer.

The cat had to fight his way out of a remote Afghanistan, where just living to see a first birthday was iffy, to reach safe ground with a cat-loving family in this rural township.


It would have been hard fr me not to bring all the dogs and cats home.