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And I have to tell you, holding my first grandbaby has laser-like focused my intentions and commitment to taking back my country from the ones who are hellbent on destroying it.

My grandbaby is the son of two Soldiers ~ his Daddy has fought in Kosovo and Iraq, looking for bombs and such with his four-legged partners; his Mother has made sure the four-legged Soldiers stay healthy.

So when I read about Mr. I Won’s latest nominee for the Supreme Court…well, let’s just say I saw red and turned the air blue.

While at Harvard, filed a friend of the court brief opposing the Solomon Amendment, which required universities that receive federal funding to be cooperative with military recruiters. Argued that the military’s ban on gays broke the law school’s anti-discrimination policy against gays. Once the 3rd Circuit ruled that the amendment was unconstitutional, Kagan instructed Harvard Law’s Office of Career Services to stop helping military recruiters. But reversed course when the Supreme Court overturned the 3rd Circuit’s decision. Still urged students to protest the recruiters. (New York Times, 5/17/09)

That Elena Kagan is a carbon copy of Teh O is no surprise.  After all, she was his first choice and would already be sitting on the bench if Rahm hadn’t pushed for a “wise Latino woman” a year ago. But what I cannot get past – and won’t – is this anti-discriminatory BS toward the Military.  Our Military is not a private enterprise.  It’s a whole different kettle of fish that has different needs and standards than a company in the private sector.  I believe that the Military knows what is best for itself – not some academia elitist.

Now the media is coming out with all sorts of quotes from fellow academicians trying to whitewash her policies banning recruiters from the Harvard campus.

Robert C. Clark, former Dean of Harvard Law School:

When Ms. Kagan became dean in July of 2003, she upheld this newer policy. Military recruiters used OCS services, but at the beginning of each interviewing season she wrote a public memorandum explaining the exception to the school’s nondiscrimination policy, stating her objection to “don’t ask, don’t tell,” and expressing her strong view that military service is a noble and socially valuable career path that should be encouraged and open to all of our graduates.

In November 2004, however, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals found that the Solomon Amendment infringed improperly on law schools’ First Amendment freedoms. So Ms. Kagan returned the school to its pre-2002 practice of not allowing the military to use OCS, but allowing them to recruit via the student group.

Yet this reversion only lasted a semester because the Department of Defense again threatened to cut off federal funding to all of Harvard, and because the U.S. Supreme Court reversed the Third Circuit’s decision. Once again, military recruiters were allowed to use OCS, even as the dean and most of the faculty and student body voiced opposition to “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

Outside observers may disagree with the moral and policy judgments made by those at Harvard Law School. But it would be very wrong to portray Elena Kagan as hostile to the U.S. military. Quite the opposite is true.

She may not be “hostile”, but apparently she has no problem using the Military to achieve her activist ends.

Kagan wrote the following (be sure to read the whole article) to the student body at the time:

“I have said before how much I regret making this exception to our antidiscrimination policy. I believe the military’s discriminatory employment policy is deeply wrong – both unwise and unjust. And this wrong tears at the fabric of our own community by denying an opportunity to some of our students that other of our students have. The importance of the military to our society – and the great service that members of the military provide to all the rest of us – heightens, rather than excuses, this inequity. The Law School remains firmly committed to the principle of equal opportunity for all persons, without regard to sexual orientation. And I look forward to the time when all our students can pursue any career path they desire, including the path of devoting their professional lives to the defense of their country.”


The Supreme Court subsequently upheld the Solomon Amendment, rejecting the position of FAIR and its amici (including Kagan), unanimously.  After stating that the law school would of course follow the Court’s ruling, Kagan wrote:  “At the same time, I hope that many members of the Harvard Law School community will accept the Court’s invitation to express their views clearly and forcefully regarding the military’s discriminatory employment policy.  As I have said before, I believe that policy is profoundly wrong — both unwise and unjust — and I look forward to the day when all our students, regardless of sexual orientation, will be able to serve and defend this country in the armed services.”

But then, she has said,

she was “in awe of [the cadets’] courage and dedication” and recognized that “my security and freedom and indeed everything else I value depend on all of you.”

Well, that just makes it all okay then ~ well, at least in a leftist’s mind.  Not so much in a Soldier’s Mom’s mind.

It seems it’s okay as long as the Military does what she believes the Military should be doing.  But if they do not, well, ban them.  (How’s that First Amendment thing going for you?)

I can stand there and say, with perfect lying sincerity, that I believe that Obama has this country’s best interests at heart.  Doesn’t mean I actually believe it.

This comes too close to that leftist drivel: We support the Troops!  ( We really don’t like what they do as part of the evil Military warmongering machine.  But as long as it is politically expedient for us to do so….why, we’ll have our picture taken with them and shake their hands and throw money at them.)

And, the fact that Obama is quite taken with her ~ well, that should be the biggest, reddest flag of them all.


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