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This past week we have had many good friends visiting to celebrate The Nedly turning 50, many coming in from far away as Hawaii.  We sat on the porch, ate, did some shooting, fished, ate, played music, ate, talked, laughed, ate and ate some more.  We even had (loud) fireworks.  I so love being back in a part of America where “you can’t do that” isn’t the most uttered statement. And I had the best present ever!  Ned made sure my bestest friend from Code Pink Land was here as well.

Now, I’m getting caught up on what is going on outside our holler – doesn’t look as if any of the tinpot dictator wannabes have gotten any smarter – just more devious.

Kagan a centrist?  yeah, right…

Petraeus and winning in Afghanistan?  Doesn’t look like much will change there.  The “D” stands for defeat, after all.

The progressives working on cheating in the elections come November?   You betcha.

The Troops and Vets still getting screwed?  Ayah…

So, while I’m reading up on all the ludicrous nonsense that passes as governing, here are a few good reads that came in my email ~ lots of info to chew on:

(One reason out of so, so many I want this administration to end)

Hamas rises in the West

Caroline Glick

Since the navy’s May 31 takeover of the Turkish-Hamas flotilla , Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his advisors have deliberated around the clock about how to contend with the US-led international stampede against Israel. But their ultimate decision to form an investigatory committee led by a retired Supreme Court justice and overseen by foreign observers indicates that they failed to recognize the nature of the international campaign facing Israel today….

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(Why I donated to his campaign and will again)

A mosque at Ground Zero?

By Illario Pantano

“Cordoba Center” sounds comfortably latino and almost familiar in a multi-ethnic city like New York. The name’s Spanish origin has a little bit of history too: the Cordoba Mosque in Spain symbolized a gateway to Muslim conquest of Western Europe – a conquest which today is unfolding in real time. But as disturbing as the sharia invasion of the EU might be, my concern is the new $100 million mosque that will sit smugly just 600 feet from Ground Zero….


(Why I don’t let anyone get away with dissing the Troops ~ they fight – and still win – under The Suits idiocy)

Petraeus on ROE for Afghanistan

Uncle Jimbo

Gen. Petraeus is busy wasting time today explaining himself to one of the least impressive collections of military strategerists on Earth, the Senate Armed Services Committee. He has to do this in order to accept his new role as Commander in Afghanistan. One of the things under discussion is the Rules of Engagement (ROE) there and many are wondering what Petraeus will do about them….

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(Why I love the Troops)

irresponsible “sources”

“Per Mike Yon on Facebook: If we are going to make a success out of this war, must start squeezing out and choking off the irresponsible “sources.” People who care will start writing letters to editors/producers who link to websites such as Blackfive and Mudville Gazette. Must start telling mainstream sources that when they link to milkooks, we stop paying attention….”


I will respond to that here, as it is my web page and even though the Code Monkey is driving the bus, I can still moon people from the windows….

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Well, there you have it.

And now, here’s something to get your blood boiling and your heart pumping:

A lying POS…


Now that’s more like it!


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