No Vote For You!

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Second Class Citizens?  You betcha!

Military Vote in Question After DOJ Gives Illinois ‘Pass’ on MOVE Act, Advocacy Group Warns

Military voters from the land of Lincoln could be shut out of the midterm election after the Justice Department reached an agreement with Illinois that gave the state “a pass” for violating federal election law, an advocacy group warned Monday.

Gee, Obama has said that Republicans “gotta sit in the back” after the election, but I guess the Military doesn’t even get to get in the car.

Protecting Military Voting: A Blue Star Mom Speaks Out

A military mom describes her experience fighting the bureaucracy to ensure that her deployed son receives his ballot in time to participate in elections back home.

Why PJM’s Military Voting Monitoring Project Is So Important

Eric Holder’s DOJ isn’t interested in making sure our military members’ votes are protected and counted, so PJM is gathering evidence to ensure that problems are reported properly and will be fixed.

This is not new.  It’s been going on for a long time in both “D” and “R” administrations.

Worries Over Overseas Military Vote Wednesday, August 04, 2004


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2 Responses to “No Vote For You!”

  1. ED ELLIS Says:

    Well if this isn’t an absolute outrage ! These people deploy to a foreign land,doing the best that they can do,and protecting our right to vote,and they can’t ?!!! There is an absolutly no
    reason other than a P.A.C.S’ wishes ? SHAME,SHAME SHAME !!! SOUNDS CRIMINAL TO ME !Hopefully something can be done,by somebody !DISGRACEFUL !!

  2. Twana Blevins Says:

    Deb notice what Jim Allen (claims) of the Chicago Election Board posted on my post on PFA about this.

    “The truth is that Chicago followed the law and emailed, faxed and mailed ballots to military and civilians overseas Sept. 3, more than two weeks before the federal deadline.

    The Chicago Election Board not only led the lobbying to change state law to allow military and other overseas ballots to be accepted up to two weeks after Election Day, but also has led the way in lobbying for future changes to allow military and civilians overseas to return their ballots by fax and secured that allowance in a Special Election in 2009 in Federal Court:

    We share the concerns of protecting and preserving the voting rights of the troops, and we take this awesome responsibility very seriously.”

    Jim Allen
    Chicago Election Board

    I asked him if he works for Soros or who in his Dept. does.