A 4-Legged Hero You’ll Never Know ~

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A most special member of the JSOC Team who went in to help take out Osama Bin Laden has a tail as well as “dog tags”.    We probably won’t ever know his or her name but we owe this Hero a Big Thank You ~ and maybe a dog biscuit or better yet ~ steak, rare.

War News Updates has a post up with links to articles about our little known furry Warriors:

A Recognition To Our Four Legged Warriors

Go to the link below to see an amazing photo gallery of War Dogs by Rebecca Frankel of Foreign Policy:

War Dogs

(The last photo is my favorite.  And yes, that would be the Mil-Mom in me.)


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One Response to “A 4-Legged Hero You’ll Never Know ~”

  1. Cassamarie Says:

    These people are trying to help our military working dogs after they retire. They also have a bill being passed through congress which can be viewed on their other webpage http://www.csmva.org.