Time To Come Back ~

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Well, it’s been awhile ~ damn near a year with a lot of things going on, family-wise and with our business.  But the time has come for me to get back to writing this little ol’ blog.  Isn’t it an interesting time we live in?  Getting too hard to stay quiet anymore.  Everything we value as Americans and makes us exceptional is under direct attack from this administration and the damn Congress (those public servants we voted in to represent us) is sitting on their hands being civil and useless.  Our Military and Veterans are under “progressive” attack (not surprising with a democrat administration.  We’ve been here before and it didn’t turn out well.  No, not at all.)

Compromise somewhere else!

This “president” is unfortunately being true to his word in “fundamentally transforming” America.  Now, how can one profess to love his country and then do everything in his power, and way beyond, to destroy what he professes to love?  Riddle me that, Obamabot.

Key thoughts: Prayers and ammo.

(Oh, and do send me cigarettes when I will no doubt be sitting in prison for NOT COMPLYING with this goddam socialist, social justice, environmentalist terrorism and reverse discrimination nonsense being “legislated” against our Constitution and our inalienable rights given to us by our Creator.  Thank you.  Appreciate it.)

Time to paint our faces blue and cry, Freedom!!!

So, to catch up on the months between posts:

We spent some time at Walter Reed last summer with my grandbaby, who had to have surgery so that he could keep his milk down and continue to grow.  I’m happy to say that it all worked out well and he is growing into a big and strong toddler.  Keeps us on our toes, he does.

My Baby Girl Soldier Daughter is in Korea for a year, working at the Vet Clinic as the senior NCO.  It was very hard for her to leave her baby, as so many female Soldiers have been doing these past years.  These are special women and the sacrifices they make in serving their country should never be forgotten or downplayed.  They deserve our deepest appreciation.  (Politicians should take a page from their book – it would be a positive step up for them and the country.)

My son-in-law is now medically retired from the Army – after 16 years.  He is discovering what it takes to be a Mom and Dad to their son.  God love him, he’s doing a great job – all the while in constant pain and frustration.  When people show their ignorance or disdain of Veterans retiring at 35 – 40 years of age and expecting to receive the benefits they were promised and deserve, what they don’t know is that 15 – 20 years of being a Soldier wears down and ages the body dramatically, never mind the numerous deployments in war zones so many have experienced and all that goes with that.  And then there’s the battle with the PEB, MEB and VA they fight when they come home.  So many just finally give up as they deal with being denied their benefits, appeals, lost records, waiting months for their doctor appointments and being shuffled from department to department and case worker to case worker.  Or getting a VSO who doesn’t really care. It’s a disgrace.  (My advice: Lawyer up and call your Congress person as many times as it takes. You can also speak with his or her Military Liaison as it’s difficult at best to speak with a Congress critter directly.)

My husband and I have been working on getting the new business going.   The “summer of recovery” took care of our other business.   Not too many people can afford vintage guitars or amps right now.  One can’t eat guitars.

And me…I’ve been sitting up here on my ridge, watching and listening and preparing.  Just in case.

My postings will mostly be about Veterans issues now.  Looking back at previous wars and how our Veterans tend to be forgotten after the wars end and they come home, I just can’t abide that happening again.  Knowledge is power, as they say and it takes people caring enough to keep Congress aware that we are aware and watching. With all the budget cuts and a military-hating administration, things do not bode well for our Troops and Veterans.

Our Vets had our backs while doing the heavy, messy and ugly lifting.  The least we can do is make sure they are taken care of properly after they come home.  For many the war comes home with them.  It’s time for us to have their backs.


If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about concerning our Vets’ VA experience, the link below is a good introduction:

VA Mental Health Care: How Good Is It and How Can We Make It Better?

Oh, and I’m also co-hosting a Blog Talk Radio show on Monday nights at 8 pm est.  Come join Loki and me as we discuss, and more often than not, rant about the issues of the day.

Have to say, it’s good to be back!



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7 Responses to “Time To Come Back ~”

  1. brat Says:

    Welcome back…Have missed you.

  2. yankeemom Says:

    Thanks, Brat. We must fight on.

  3. Granville Schrodt Says:

    I highly recommend Martha Peterson’s “Move without Pain” book. In a very clear and concise manner, Martha captures the essence of somatics, defining what sensory motor amnesia is and how through some simple movements, we can learn how to move with more grace. Her precise language and detailed pictures of the movement patterns are a perfect match even to those who are new to this field. As someone who has practiced somatics for a couple of years, i have read a number of books about the subject, but “Move without pain , in my humble opinion, is an absolute must have for those wanting to learn more about somatics and its role in demystifying the myth of aging.

  4. Bill Says:

    Welcome back; look forward to your postings.

  5. yankeemom Says:

    Thank you, GS ~ I’ll look into it.

  6. yankeemom Says:

    Hey Bill, good to see you too. And Thanks!

  7. DJ Rob Says:

    Looking forward to reading and sharing your articles. Add your RSS feed to my blog ;-)