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I understand the Military’s attitude of “finish the mission”.  I lived through the awful indignity of the media and Democrats’ insult to the Vietnam War troops through their lies and military-bashing in the news hour and on the floors of Congress.  I’ve taken on the present day Code Pinkies and Women in Black types with their “we support the troops”, which was anything but support.  I’ve spent hours trying to educate the 99% of Americans who have no understanding of the 1% who stepped forward, raised their right hand and took an oath to defend their country in time of war.

But I’ve come to the point this past week where I’m thinking it’s time to bring them all home.  What with the ludicrous koran burning apologies that didn’t stop seven American soldiers from being murdered, assassination-style by the ones they were supposed to trust, the disarming of our Marines so that Panetta could swoop in and talk the BS talk to these Marines who know more about the reality of what they’re up against than Panetta ever will and now the media is again trying to be judge, jury and executioner of an American Sgt. caught up in a politically-correct-nation-building-win-hearts-and-minds clusterf%*k, which, to begin with was never the intended mission, it’s too much to bear.

If our Troops aren’t going to be allowed to do their jobs, you know, killing the enemy…then why should they be over there at all?

And…does anyone even know what the mission is anymore?

I came across this article about “Retired Navy SEAL Commander Mark Waddell (who) is the father of Marine Lt. Joshua Wadell, who he said was unjustly punished for breaking the military’s “Rules of Engagement” in the name of safety on the battlefield.”

Father seeks changes to battlefield rules

These are self-imposed rules that are put on soldiers by politicians. In many cases, they do more harm to our soldiers than they do to the enemy,” said Dr. Jeffrey Addicott, director of the Center for Terrorism Law at St Mary’s University.

Adicott said some example of Rules of Engagement include soldiers being unable to shoot an enemy at night, shooting a female soldier with a rifle and being unable to kill a wounded enemy while they’re trying to leave or in a civilian vehicle.

“It does a lot of harm to our soldiers. In many cases, our soldiers are killed because they’re afraid that they’ll be punished if they use violence that contradicts these absurd rules of engagement,” said Addicott.

Nevermind that the CinC has already used the word “murder” when speaking about the Panjwai “massacre“.  (Kind of goes along with that “police acting stupidly” comment.)

Nevermind that the DHS has named Veterans as being potential ‘terrorists’ but this administration can’t bring itself to call any terrorist from the Religion of Peace, a terrorist.


Andrew McCarthy has an excellent piece on this Afghanistan experiment, which should be read in it’s entirety:

Worse Than a Powder Keg

“…In the main, the Afghans are Muslims in the thrall of Wahhabism, the fundamentalist Islam of Saudi Arabia. As such, they cannot be liberated — they have chosen their own tyranny.

In the meantime, not only have Mr. McKeon and his colleagues failed, in the eleven ensuing years, to specify the Taliban in the AUMF as the enemy of the United States, but we can’t even get the State Department to designate them as a terrorist organization (although, in 2002, President Bush amended the relevant executive order, No. 13224, to label them a global terrorist organization). Three years ago, the then–theater commander, General Stanley McChrystal, asserted that Afghanistan is not our war: “This is their war. . . . This conflict and country are [theirs] to win — not mine.” Now, the Obama administration has no stomach to fight them; as the Taliban mock us and threaten to behead our troops, the president applauds their new diplomatic mission in Qatar. Obama is pleading with them to negotiate — reportedly even offering to release Taliban war criminals detained at Gitmo if that is what it takes to get a deal.

The only reason for our troops to be in a barbaric country is to vanquish the barbarians. Obviously, we are not trying to do that in Afghanistan; we are biding time, putting our young men and women at grave risk, so that Obama can manage a withdrawal, so the non-war against our non-enemy looks like a non-surrender….”

Our troops should be out of Afghanistan. Yesterday.

I never thought I’d be agreeing with that sentiment.  But the world has gone a$$ over teakettle into insanity and I don’t believe our Finest should pay the price.  Nope, not anymore.

But then…


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