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So many decades have passed and too few WWII Vets are left to tell their stories.  This is a great read about an incredible (and I use that word literally) mission:

Five survivors of Doolittle Tokyo Raiders recall daring sortie

Edward Saylor still vividly remembers the Chinese boy who helped save his life. In the days after his plane crashed into the waters just off China’s coast, Mr. Saylor, now 92, and four other Doolittle Tokyo Raiders were desperate and hungry — but they had survived a daring mission that was America’s first military strike against the Imperial Japanese homeland, four months after the infamous sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.

“The thought hits you, where you’re at, what you’ve got to do. … We don’t speak the language, what do we do now? That’s what was going through our heads,” said Mr. Saylor, one of the five survivors of the raid who will mark its 70th anniversary on April 18.


From one of my new favorite dog handlers, another fine doggie story ~ and again he keeps us hooked.  (Kevin’s book is getting closer to being published. Can’t wait!)

John and the Lumbering “Honza Bear”

“Why me,” thought Specialist John Nolan as he looked around at the other 11 students in his specialized search dog (SSD) class at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. The other guys were looking at one another, smiling, laughing and joking. But John stared at the ground. He wished he could share their enthusiasm.

Everyone else was receiving two dogs and would get to choose their K9 partner but not him. He was getting the mine detector dog washout. He bit his bottom lip and shook his head.


This will get your blood pressure up.

And ~ be sure to read the comments ~ there’s a sterling example of what we’re up against in this country.  (Aye, thar be troll sighting ahead, Cap’n.)

Democrats Shafting the Military Again: A Financial Sneak Attack by Obama and the Democrats

Democrats always attack, decimate, reduce, belittle, disarm, and de-fund the military.

Here is some more of the Democrat party putting down the military and making them pay taking their pay.

The United States military forces were greatly reduced by the Democrats after World War I in the years before the December 07, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. At that time our military had been reduced to a very dangerously low level. We had to pay dearly for that foolishness.

Such are the Democrats and their complete denial and ignorance of history.


It’s The Backlog!

The single most important issue that every veteran talks about at VA is the time it takes to get a claim resolved. The backlog is the signature event that defines the VA. No matter the successes, today’s VA is known for the infamous “Delay, deny, until I die” phrase that’s been around as long as any Vietnam vet has been alive. Every year we hear how the backlog will get better next year.

Shinseki: VA on Track to Break Claims Backlog

WASHINGTON, April 2, 2012 – Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric K. Shinseki says VA is on track toward meeting one of the top priorities he set on arrival at the department three years ago: breaking the back of the disability claims backlog.


The fix, according to your VA, is computers. Everything will be better if we throw money and computers at it.


So different from 40 years ago, thank God!

Wounded warriors take stage as motivational speakers

DALLAS, Pa. – His was an ordinary tale of a rambunctious boy, raised in a Chicago suburb, immersed in sports and the love and rivalry of an identical twin, Bobby. Then adulthood and work became routine, and in that carefree summer of 2001, Bryan Anderson joined the Army.

He was inducted on Sept. 11. The boy who had not yet turned 20 spent seven hours in a bus full of strangers headed to basic training on that day that changed America.

Supporting our Troops

Remembering our Vets


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