A Reminder About This CinC ~

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Veterans For A Strong America put out this ad when Obama took down Osama – all by himself!

I, me, myself CinC.

Maybe he’ll vote for himself for them too, come November…with the help of his BFF, Eric Holder, of course.

This is the response video that OFA (Obama For America).


Embedding has been disabled by request – imagine that!  (Guess they weren’t taught to share in preschool.)

Click here for another you-just-can’t make-this-BS-up video.

Oh Nos!!! (insert scary music here) The Koch Brothers!!!!

It took OFA over 7 minutes to lie about spin the VFASA’s less than 2 minute ad.  And they even name The Jon Stewart Show and Mother Jones as viable sources!


One of the best comments under the video:

I hope Obama keeps the race clean and let the GOP show what haters they are.

Ummmm…doubt it.   But bless your li’l heart for thinking it.  Here, have another sip of the kool-aid, darlin’.

For the sake of our kids in uniform ~ vote these people off the island!!!!!


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