“He inspired others to never forget”

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As more and more of our Military come home from the wars, some finishing up their four year contract and others retiring from a fifteen plus year career, some having been wounded, others without a family to welcome them home, they will be transitioning into the next phase of their lives.  All they really desire is to be welcomed back by their communities and maybe get a little help in the transition.

Many people have stepped up to do just this by creating thousands of groups and organizations to support our Veterans.  But none of them are connected, which makes it harder to find them.  This doesn’t help the Vet in crisis or the family members who just had their world turned upside down with a phone call from Landstuhl Regional Medical Center or the dreaded knock on the door from two Service Officers.

Well, The Dixon Center’s main goal is to resolve this by becoming a clearing house for all the centers and organizations out there to help the Vet and his or her family.

Our veteran for veterans

by James Jay Carafano

As a kid, Donnie Dixon played with toy soldiers. As he got older, “he’d try everything — wrestling, baseball, basketball, anything,” his mother recalled. But after graduating high school, Dixon followed his first, true love. He headed for boot camp as soon as he turned 18.

In 2007, Dixon was three years from retirement and on his second combat tour in Iraq. Insurgents hit his unit. Dixon fell.

“He died doing what he always wanted to do: serve his country,” his mother told the Associated Press. But Dixon did more than that. He inspired others to never forget.


The Staff Sergeant Donnie D. Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Community Services (Dixon Center)

Dixon Center is a catalyst for inspiration, collaboration and change to ensure access to services essential for military service members, veterans, their families, and the families of the fallen to succeed in family and community life and civilian society. It encourages and provides connections for the fusion of organizations focusing on local solutions.

Dixon Center is a coordinating agent for the myriad of entities and individuals supporting those who serve and have served our country, their families, and families of our fallen during transition and reintegration. These include public and private agencies, organizations and departments spanning the philanthropic, business, government, faith-based, education, health care, housing, and social service sectors — working nationally, regionally, and locally providing grassroots solutions.

Dixon Center is a clearinghouse for collaboration, communication, sharing lessons learned, and innovative solutions delivered locally for all who serve and have served in our military. The Center considers all needs and opportunities in a continuum to achieve long term quality of life and therefore takes a holistic approach of education, meaningful employment, and access to health care.

By focusing on employment, education, and health care, Dixon Center is a source of advice, information, and lessons learned through decades of military service and extensive community outreach.

In addition, Dixon Center aspires to be the pre-eminent resource for spirited discussion and relevant consultation. It is ideally positioned to serve as a focal point for change with and on behalf of those who have served and those who benefit from their service and sacrifice and now share a community

Find out more here.

Then call your local and state elected officials and ask them if they know how many Veterans there are in their districts and what they are doing to welcome them back and support their transitioning into their communities.

If you don’t like their answer, let them know (politely, of course) they had better step up and how to do so.


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