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I have been watching the Military culture becoming more and more corrupted by politics and that cancer, political correctness, for quite awhile now.   It seems to have reached a new low as the present war(s) continue to bumble along and we now have a second (and maybe more) term of an anti-American President and CinC.

I’m not saying that there hasn’t been corrupt Generals and Officers in the Military before.  I mean, remember Benedict Arnold?

But, sadly, as society and the political ruling class finds they can get away with more and more unlawful, unethical and contemptible actions, they keep crossing more and more lines and now the military seems to be infected with this disastrous mindset.

Not only do we have a government that is (for political gain) fast placing our good Officers, NCOs and Warriors on the endangered-species list but it would seem that many Generals etc. are putting themselves on the list by their own actions.  Entitlement much?

There’s a very good article by G. Murphy Donovan that’s a must read:

Generals and Geographic Bachelors

General David Petraeus illuminates two grand military issues at just the right moment: officer corps character and flag officer performance. Petraeus could be the poster child for a clueless Gilbert and Sullivan character too — “The very model of a modern major-general.” Major-general was the highest rank to which an officer might aspire to in the last century. Grade inflation has created the contemporary glut of four stars, including Petraeus.


The great failure of senior officers like Petraeus is candor, or more bluntly, integrity. America cannot do for Muslims what Islam is unwilling to do for itself. That fundamental ground truth is ignored or spun by senior military officers and politicians alike.

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Not only do we need to restore our country but it would seem that we need to restore our ethics.

Breaks my heart to see our Military cracking from within.  Too many good people have given so much in service to their country, walking the right path, for these few, civilian and Military, to destroy this profession.


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