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I try very hard (most of the time anyway) to think well of the human race.  It tends to be a bit of a challenge for me on the best of days as I have seen and experienced too much of the nasty bad that it’s members can dish out.


And sadly, the past several years haven’t been helpful, what with the wars against islamofacists and their terrible and brutal jihad against anyone not agreeing with their insanity, the infiltration by communists into our government over the years leading to the repressive corruption now so prevalent in our halls of liberty and the willful blindness, or ignorance, of so many Americans to see how close we are to crossing that thin line into tyranny.  There’s also the breakdown of society over the past several decades brought on by the deceitful and treacherous social engineering, blame-America-first power hungry elitists found in our universities and media.  Political correctness and moral relativity rule the day now.  There is no right or wrong for these people – just what ever serves them best, usually coming at great cost to someone else.

As we approach the Christian holiday once known as Christmas, the malevolent grinches have come out once again to spout their anti-god rancor to all who will listen, seemingly having no comprehension of the reason for the season.  The media plays right along, giving way too much airtime to the blatherings of these discontents.


I have mainly stopped watching the state propaganda news on TV and most of what comes out of America-bashing Hollywood because it’s mostly lies and I can’t abide liars anymore.


The thought of 20 little bodies lying dead on a school room floor haunts me.  Maybe because there have been so many children’s deaths feverishly reported by a sensationalist media in recent years.  Maybe because too many children have died because of power hungry politicians (all over the world) and their selfish and disconnected dogma legislating.

The immediate politicizing by the Left for their gun control agenda before the bodies of the little Sandy Hook children were even removed from the school exemplifies the level of souless lunacy that has become the standard of today’s society.

Gun control is not the issue, nor is it the answer.  You can walk into your kitchen and pick out a knife and do terrible damage as was reported from China last week.  If gun control was the answer then a question to ask is why the Sandy Hook tragedy occurred at all with Connecticut having the fourth strictest gun laws in this country.  Could the answer be that criminals and mentally ill people tend not to pay any attention to laws?  (Total homicides in Chicago rose to 480 for the first eleven months of 2012; a 21 percent increase from last year. Chicago having the strictest gun laws on the books…hmmm)

Read this article for more info on the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of gun control:

Why I’m against gun control


What needs to be addressed is the state of our society where the government has taken over our lives and proclaimed a baby a punishment, the family unit is under attack by the alternative living activists, too many parents don’t parent because they bought the leftists’ crap about being your kid’s buddy, children’s self esteem is deemed paramount over discipline and everyone gets a trophy if they earned one or not and mental health issues are treated with drug cocktails or not treated at all, due to the meddling of overzealous civil rights activists.

And we have let them bully us into going along with their debased experiments and indoctrination of our children, or we have just closed our eyes and not paid attention because it’s just easier that way.

We’ve allowed these people to rewrite our history, take God out of our schools, censor our beliefs and condemn our lifestyles, steal our property with outrageous and unconstitutional taxes, silence us, ignore us, insult us and control us.


The minority of discontents have taken over and we’ve let them.  Time to tell them no more and call them what they are – the enemy of all that is good and humane.

I mean, if your Uncle Charlie was spouting all this crap to your kids, wouldn’t you step in and tell him to stop it and think maybe he wasn’t that good an influence for your kids?


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