If You Read Only One Thing This Weekend…

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…make it this post:

A Letter From Afghanistan: “All We Ask Is That You Don’t Forget About Us”

Even with all the distractions and all the misinformation in the news, even with the concerns about the economy and the election and the deployment fatigue brought on by ten years of war, all that we ask from you is this:

Don’t forget about the daily struggles of the countless wounded warriors you have never heard about that fight like hell to heal like Colin Smith, Derek Herrera, Dan Crenshaw, Dan Cnossen and Matt Lampert.

Don’t ever forget about the ultimate sacrifices made by real American Heroes like Jenn Harris, Jared Landaker, JT Wrobleski, Richard Gannon, Ronnie Winchester, Kevin Shea, Kyle VanDeGiesen, Matt Freeman, Brendan Looney, Travis Manion, Matt, Ryan, Sky and so many others. Forever appreciate and never forget what they have done for us. I never will.

And share.


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