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So They Are Not Forgotten ~

Author: yankeemom  //  Category: Incarcerated Warriors

Diana West continually writes about what so few report on, much less even think about: Our Troops who do their job too well in the politically correct fog of war and get in trouble because of it.  If you haven’t been reading her posts, I strongly advise it.

Her latest post link is below:

Obama Should Pardon the Leavenworth

Here I am again in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces in Washington, D.C., the highest appeals court for the U.S. military. Last month, I was here to cover Army 1st Lt. Michael Behenna’s final appeal. Now I am waiting for Army Sgt. Evan Vela’s final appeal to begin. I glance over at Evan’s father, Curtis Carnahan, and Evan’s wife, Alyssa, sitting together in the otherwise empty first row, and I can’t believe it’s been more than four years since Curtis first emailed me:

“I am Sgt. Evan Vela’s father. I do not know if you have followed my son’s case, but some people have drawn similarities between the Luttrell situation and Evan’s.”


Meanwhile, literally thousands of incarcerated terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan have been granted clemency or otherwise found their freedom. Recently, Ali Musa Daqduq, a Hezbollah mastermind who confessed to kidnapping, torturing and killing five American soldiers in 2007, walked free in Iraq. In December 2011, President Obama turned over Daqduq to an Iraqi court, which released him this month. According to the most basic moral calculus, this is neither fair nor right. As Republican Rep. Allen West of Florida recently wrote to President Obama, it’s an “utter betrayal.”

Listening to the procedural review of Evan’s case, I am struck again by the ghastly surrealism of their plight — the penalties the U.S. government has forced on its most dutiful sons for not committing, in effect, suicide as the Navy SEALs did in choosing to escape prison rather than death.

As those who have read my blog over the years know, I have posted and continue to follow the news about the Pendleton 8, the Leavenworth 10, the Haditha Marines and other cases that come up.

If the media reports on these Soldiers and Marines at all, it’s most always as guilty until proven innocent ~ unfortunately the truth has little play in the reporting.  And the reporting has little or no follow up.

This sacrificing of our Troops on the altar of the PC-driven “winning hearts and minds” boondoggle must stop.

Thank you, Ms. West, for keeping this out front.


An Important Show Tonight on Support Our Troops ~ In Word and Deed

Author: yankeemom  //  Category: Blog Talk Radio

Join us as we speak with Vicki Behenna, Mother of Army Ranger 1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna, who was sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing Ali Mansur, a known Al Qaeda operative while serving in Iraq. Clemency was denied at his last hearing. We’ll hear about the details of this case and what’s in the future for Michael and his family.

Defend Michael


Watch Rep. (Col.) Alan West speak at the Leavenworth 10 rally here:

Part 1


Support Our Troops ~ in word and deed

3/28/2011 7:00 PM EST

Call-in Number: (646) 716-4024

If we don’t defend our men and women in uniform ~ who will?


Leavenworth 10, Plus Many More ~

Author: yankeemom  //  Category: Incarcerated Warriors

I’m putting up a new page on my blog ~ please go and read about our Soldiers and Marines that make up the Leavenworth 10, eight of whom are still in prison.

Also, please read and share:

To My Fellow Patriots, we need your help:

The New York Times printed an article in May of this year entitled “US Tries to Reintegrate Taliban Soldiers.”

In a nutshell, our military is allowing terrorists taken off the battlefield, who have admitted to killing American Soldiers, to sign a Pledge TOGETHER WITH THE VILLAGE ELDERS, that they won’t return to the battlefield, and then the terrorist is returned to his mother!  This is outrageous!  So the terrorists go home while our Soldiers continue to sit in Leavenworth and our mothers, American mothers, cry themselves to sleep at night! What is even worse is that the entire trial for the terrorist takes 30 minutes while our Soldiers and their families accrue enormous legal fees and travel expenses trying to defend their Hero!  This is an outrage!
Below is an online petition that William Kelly and Veteran Steve Ruggiero of Kelly’s Truth Squad (Washington Times) have put up online.  They agree that what is good enough for the terrorists should be good enough for our Sons!  We demand our Soldiers in Leavenworth be afforded the same courtesy and compassion that is being shown to the terrorists.  Let THE AMERICAN PUBLIC BE THE VILLAGE ELDERS FOR THE 8 REMAINING SOLDIERS WHO MAKE UP THE LEAVENWORTH TEN AND SIGN THE PLEDGE SO THAT THESE SOLDIERS CAN BE RETURNED TO THEIR FAMILIES!

Please click on the link below and sign this petition and forward this all over the universe.  Please post this on websites and just keep this moving!  To all the Veterans Groups out there,  We intend to present this petition to the Secretary of the Army with a Cover Letter from any and all Veterans Groups who will stand with us!  Please stand with us in support of your brothers.  As Diana West pointed out in her article dated May 31st:

“If this exercise dampens the barbecue-season kickoff, good. Maybe it will help Americans see the urgent need for clemency in these cases. And particularly given the mind-boggling fact that the United States has released and granted clemency in Iraq to tens of thousands of insurgents, including some of the most dangerous fighters our soldiers were sent to fight in the first place.

This is a scolding from a mother whose Son served 4 deployments in this “ war on terror“: This military and this government had better start worrying about appeasing the mothers of the Warriors of this country because if this double standard continues, they won’t have any future Warriors to fight their wars!

With A Mother’s Heart,

Beverly Perlson
The Band of Mothers
Motto:  Warriors Come From Warriors!

1LT Michael Behenna

SGT Evan Vela Carnahan

PFC Corey Clagett

SSG Raymond Girouard (Free)

Msg John E Hatley

SPC William B Hunsaker

SGT Larry Hutchins (Free, pending govt appeal decision)

SGT Michael Leahy

SFC Joseph Mayo

SGT Michael P Williams

L-10 Freedom Ride


Fort Lewis 5 ~ (Free The Brave)

Spc. Jeremy Morlock

Staff Sgt. Calvin Gibbs

Pfc. Andrew Holmes

SPC Michael Wagnon

SPC Michael Wagnon

The Seven Additional Soldiers charged:

Staff Sgt. Robert G. Stevens

Sgt. Darren N. Jones

Cpl. Emmitt R. Quintal

Staff Sgt. David D. Bram

Pfc. Ashton A. Moore

Spc. Adam W. Kelly

Spc. Corey A. Moore




And it’s not only our Troops who are accused of doing their jobs too well, but Blackwater contractors as well:

Justin Cannon

Christopher Drotleff



We will be having another fundraiser for our troops and also providing information about our incarcerated war heroes, along with our current Rules of Engagement. If you have any items to donate, please mail them to: Cari Johnson PO Box 31608 Dayton, OH 45437
Anything to promote your military or patriotic business is welcomed, and families are encouraged to send Cari Johnson any information such as flyers you wish to be sent out. If you are not local but would still like to help, please feel free to send anything you’d like. Local residents, we look forward to seeing you on November 20th for the lighting of the Christmas tree, Santa with the Fire Department, and all of the other events taking place!

You can write these men – just follow the links to get their addresses.  They need to know we’re watching their backs and making sure they get fair trials.  Too much politiking is going on behind the scenes with many of these cases.


Leavenworth 10 Ride ~

Author: yankeemom  //  Category: Supporting the troops

You can see several videos of the speakers and families at the rally for the Leavenworth 10 at:


This is a travesty for America.

You can find out more at United American Patriots.

Justice! Innocent until proven guilty! The right to a fair trial!

These are basic civilian rights our warriors have sworn to defend. These are also the rights our soldiers are not guaranteed while serving in our country’s military. A military defendant is “presumed guilty” and must prove his or her own innocence. Left with the burden of not only finding adequate legal representation, but also paying for it.

While our enemies are given civilian rights, provided with teams of attorneys paid for with our tax dollars, and given civilian trials; our warriors are read their Article 39(a) Miranda-Tempia rights on the battle field, and now sit in prison. They are not given court appointed attorneys. Their families must beg, borrow and mortgage their homes in order to retain an attorney that will defend their loved ones from the very country, for many generations, our sons and daughters have proudly fought and died for.

Most families send their loved ones to war with the prayer, “God, please watch over our soldiers and bring them home safely”. Today, America has taken a different approach. We allow the media to watch over our soldiers, bring them home labeled as murderers, and adorn them with steel bars and shackles.


From “Defend Michael” ~

Author: yankeemom  //  Category: You're Kidding

The New York Times recently reported (see link below) that the US military has initiated a policy to “reintegrate” imprisoned Taliban fighters to their Afghan communities. These Taliban fighters were caught with evidence that they had killed our soldiers, but are released to their families in an active war zone with merely a ‘pledge’ that they will not return to the Taliban.  This appears to be the latest attempt to win the hearts and minds of our enemies and taking the ‘catch and release policy’ to a whole new level.

This brings us to Michael’s case.  Michael has been incarcerated by the Army for over a year now.    We have asked at every level that Michael’s constitutional right to a fair trial be granted so that all the evidence is disclosed to the jury.  Doesn’t seem too much to ask for an American citizen who fought for his country does it? Yet Michael’s request for a new trial has been stranded.  The Army seems to be in no hurry to have Michael’s case in front of the Army Court of Appeals as they have yet to file their response to Michael’s brief which was filed back in December 2009.

There is a double standard in play here where enemy combatants are given mercy, but our soldiers/Marines are denied mercy. For example, Marine SGT Larry Hutchins whose conviction was overturned several weeks by the Navy Appellate Court is STILL IN CUSTODY while the Navy appeals the decision to the next appellate level.

During the past year we have come to know the families of the other soldiers/Marines who have been charged and convicted of ‘murder’ of Al-Qaeda or insurgents while in a combat zone.  We have watched as these soldiers/Marines and their families prepare for clemency hearings before the military clemency boards. (The Armed Forces have a procedure, independent of the appellate process, where an incarcerated soldier/Marine can appear before a clemency board and ask for a reduction of his sentence, or if the individual has served at least 1/3 of his sentence they may request parole.) We have heard the hopelessness in the voices of the families when they learn that their son or husband will not receive ANY reduction in their sentence.  It is difficult for these military families to know that based on a ‘solemn’ pledge Taliban fighters are released by the SAME US military leadership and allowed to return home to their families. What message does the US military send when we punish our own soldiers more harshly then we punish the combatants who have killed our brave men and women on the front lines of this war on terrorism?

Many of the soldiers/Marines I am speaking of, including our son, would never find themselves involved in the criminal justice system but for their combat experience.  These soldiers/Marines do not have previous criminal histories, and their military records are replete with honorable service including purple hearts, bronze stars, and multiple deployments in defense of our country.  Some of these soldiers fell victim to the military’s ‘catch and release’ policy that returns enemy combatants to the battlefield where they return to fight our soldiers time and time again.   Yet others were protecting themselves or their men in a combat zone. Even if they made mistakes in judgment during war, should they be sentenced to 10-40 years while the enemy is totally forgiven?  Why shouldn’t the SAME military leadership afford our combat soldiers/Marines a second chance!

If the US military will release Taliban fighters simply on a pledge by their families that they will not rejoin the Taliban then we ask the same for our troops.  These soldiers/Marines are not a threat to our society and deserve to be home with their families.  We ask that you the American public stand with us.  Our request is that each of you vouch for these soldiers/Marines and demand that our military extend the same mercy to them as they did to the enemy combatants who are trying to kill our soldiers every day.

Please write a letter to your Senator, Congressman, and the Secretary of Defense and advise them that this double-standard will not be tolerated.

Bless you for your continued support,

Scott and Vicki Behenna



Under Attack ~ Again

Author: yankeemom  //  Category: Politics, You're Kidding

This crap has got to stop!

Biden: U.S. to appeal dismissal of Blackwater case

BAGHDAD | “The U.S. will appeal a court decision dismissing manslaughter charges against five Blackwater Worldwide guards involved in a deadly 2007 Baghdad shooting, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said Saturday.

Biden’s announcement after a meeting with Iraqi President Jalal Talabani shows just how diplomatically sensitive the incident remains nearly three years later. A lawyer for one guard, noting that word of the intended appeal came in Iraq, accused the Obama administration of political expediency and the U.S. was pursuing an innocent man, rather than justice…”

(Be sure to read the comments – not all of us are blinded by drinking the koolaid.)

Add them to the Leavenworth 10 and the three Navy SEALs.

Better to throw them under the proverbial “non-offensive sensitivity” bus than find out the truth.

When is this political correctness and bowing and scraping going to stop?!  Lives and careers are ruined because some people, who damn well should know better, put their political careers and agendas before young men who stood up and raised their right hand to defend this country and walk straight into insane danger, so we don’t have to.

Which is more than any of those Suits on the Hill have done or are even willing to do.