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Visual Aids On Our Bloated Government ~

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Heritage has charts ~ lots of charts ~ that let you see just how bad BIG Government is for anyone trying to make a living, raise kids, save, pay bills, eat, keep warm or cool, keep the lights on and drive a car anywhere:

2012 Edition of the Federal Budget in Pictures

To really understand how big entitlement spending is compared to other programs, you’ve got to see the comparison in this chart:

Annual spending on entitlement programs

Do share with Obama supporters…especially those who work.


What One Gives, The Other Takes Away ~

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They give…

Sen. Webb co-sponsors bipartisan bill to give veterans overdue cost-of-living adjustment

Washington, D.C. – Senator Jim Webb (D-VA), a member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, has joined Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) to introduce legislation to increase veterans’ compensation through a Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA). The COLA increase would affect several important benefits, including veterans’ disability compensation, and it is projected that over 3.5 million veterans and survivors would be affected in Fiscal Year 2012.

“For the past two years, the cost of basic necessities has risen, but veterans’ benefits have not kept pace said Senator Webb. “It is fair and appropriate to give our veterans compensation that reflects today’s cost of living.”


Looks like the Dems are trying to curry Vets’ favors ~ again.  That is, In between bashing them as murderers and terrorizers of women and children.  (Vote For ME! Vote for ME!)


After bin Laden victory, lawmakers seek to increase special ops funding

Commandos may be asked to shift focus to counterterrorism

By Defense Systems Staff
May 05, 2011

Special Operations Forces, the commandos who hunted down and killed Osama bin Laden, would have a stronger role in fighting terrorism under a House bill being considered this week.


Ya think?!

Sigh.  Well, I guess better late than never….though who knows what will be pulled next year.


Lawmakers ask DoD to expand homeowner help

By Rick Maze – Staff writer
Posted : Friday May 6, 2011 11:57:23 EDT

A House subcommittee wants the Defense Department to look harder for ways to help military and civilian personnel who face financial ruin because base closures resulted in a sharp decline in the value of their homes.

The House Armed Services Committee’s readiness panel says in its report accompanying the 2012 defense authorization bill that the Homeowners Assistance Program, designed to help military homeowners, is $400 million short of covering people who now qualify for help, and also doesn’t cover everyone who is suffering.


Trying to throw more of our money at a problem they caused. If the Congress would just stop meddling in our affairs, they wouldn’t need to keep “fixing” things.


And they take away…

McKeon plan calls for small Tricare fee hikes

By Rick Maze – Staff writer
Posted : Friday May 6, 2011 16:36:52 EDT

The 2012 defense budget drafted by the House Armed Services Committee chairman allows Tricare Prime fee increases, just like the Defense Department has asked, but caps long-term adjustment to the annual increase in retired pay.



SCV-area vets have resources, local support

J.D. Kennedy

I want to take a moment to respond to the April 20 letter to the editor, “Troops deserve more community support.”

I serve as military and veteran Affairs field representative for Congressman Howard “Buck” McKeon, R-Santa Clarita.
The Santa Clarita Valley is home to several veteran and military organizations that offer assistance to veterans and families of our active troops, and McKeon’s office works closely with all of them.


The letter to the editor referenced an initiative sponsored by first lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden that focuses on employment, education and wellness of military men and women and their families. It also urges citizens to find a way to volunteer to help improve the lives of our military men and women.
As you can see, the above-mentioned organizations have already addressed these issues in our community, therefore McKeon’s office works with these organizations on the same goals as the initiative put forth by the first lady.

Read it all here.

There are some good links included and I like his comment about organizations and communities already doing what the FOTUS lectured us all on in her new “I care” program, “Joining Forces”, but again, what one hand gives, the other can take away ~ and usually does.

~ And finally!

From the VFW alerts:

Caregiver Applications Begin Monday: The VA this week published their Interim Final Rule for implementing the family caregiver program, which mirrors the intent of the legislation Congress passed as part of the Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act of 2010. Beginning Monday, May 9, veterans can download a copy of the program application to designate a primary family caregiver or secondary family caregiver, as needed. The caregiver would be eligible for a living stipend, mental health services, and access to health insurance, among other services. For more information, go to the Family Caregiver Program of the Caregivers press release here.

It’s only taken the VA a year to get their collective shite together.  Nothing new there.


A look at Defense Spending:

Defending Defense: Setting the Record Straight on U.S. Military Spending Requirements

Abstract: President Barack Obama’s defense budget request perpetuates a long-standing pattern of underfunding defense needs. Defense spending is already near historic lows, and the Administration’s budget would reduce it to levels unprecedented during wartime. Furthermore, Congress appears poised to repeat the past mistake of promptly disarming after major combat operations subside. Instead, Congress should maintain current levels of defense spending to allow the military to reset and recapitalize. Congress needs to control entitlement growth, domestic spending, and public debt, which are beginning to threaten national security. Congress also needs to reform military compensation to ease strains within the defense budget.

Read it all here.

The media will never report the truth about Defense spending, this Administration, our Military or  either political party.

It’s up to us to ferret out the facts.


God Save Us From Asses in Suits ~

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Invest in America’s Health, Not in Costly Wars

There’s that Solidarity word again.  Are there even two braincells in operation here?

Healthcare or Pell Grants won’t be much of an issue under Sharia Law…


Akin: The Elephant in the Room

What’s more important ~ and Constitutional ~ “free” checkups or the defense of our country?

(Have you seen what’s going on in the Middle East lately?)

You’d think people who had taken an oath to uphold the Constitution would know the answer to that.

Defending Defense: Setting The Record Straight on US Military Spending Requirements

Well worth the time.

Summary here.


Here We Go Again ~

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DOD Directs Army, Marine Drawdowns for 2015, 2016
Thu, 06 Jan 2011 15:25:00 -0600

By Karen Parrish
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Jan. 6, 2011 – Budget pressures that have proven greater than anticipated mean the Defense Department will trim end strength in its ground forces beginning in four years, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said today.

“Under this plan, the U.S. Army’s permanent active-duty end strength would decline by 27,000 troops, while the Marine Corps would decline by somewhere between [15,000] and 20,000, depending on the outcome of their force structure review,” Gates said.

The secretary and Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, spoke to reporters at the Pentagon on the results of defense efficiencies initiatives begun in May to trim support costs and ensure funding for military modernization.

“The projected reductions are based on an assumption that America’s ground combat commitment in Afghanistan would be significantly reduced by the end of 2014, in accordance with the president’s strategy,” Gates said. The Army also will lose the 22,000 troops it added in a temporary end-strength increase approved in July 2009, he added.

“Ever since taking this post, now more than four years ago, I have called for protecting force structure and for maintaining modest, but real, growth in the defense topline over the long term,” Gates said. “I would prefer that this continue to be the case, but this country’s dire fiscal situation and the threat it poses to American influence and credibility around the world will only get worse unless the U.S. government … gets its finances in order.”

Gates said even after force reduction, both services would remain larger than they had been when he became secretary — the Army almost 40,000 troops larger, and the Marine Corps anywhere from 7,000 to 12,000 troops larger.

Both services support the decision, the secretary said, noting Marine Corps leaders have spoken of trimming back the increases their force structure has seen in recent years.

“I think [the Marines] see this as … more of an organic process within the Marine Corps in terms of their priorities and their needs,” Gates said. “In the case of the Army, this is a situation where the Army is supportive of this decision. I think … that support derives from understanding the importance of this in terms of their other priorities, as well.” (What does that even mean?)

This worked so well before.

Whenever the Suits go after defense cuts, it usually ends up hurting the Troops, no matter how many times they claim “we’re just going after waste and inefficiency”.   These people wouldn’t know waste and inefficiency if it came up and introduced itself to them with nametags predominately displayed.

Also read:

Strategic Weapons Win in Gates’ New Budget Plans

And this:

U.S. Military Direct Orders: Do More with Less

(How about looking at all those entitlement programs that keep people tied to the government trough – funded by the productive citizens of this country.  How about cutting those departments that do more harm than good for our nation’s economy; such as the EPA, Dept of Energy and Dept of Education for starters.  And repeal the damn Obamacare atrocity!)

It’s not as if the Military hasn’t been through all this before, usually during a Democrat President’s term:

Clinton ~

In less than a three-year period under Clinton, America’s military manpower decreased from 2.1 million to 1.6 million. Of the 305,000 employees removed from the federal payroll by Clinton, some 286,000 (or 90 percent) were military cuts. Over the entire course of the Clinton years, the Army was cut from 18 divisions to 12. The Navy was reduced from 546 ships to 380. Air Force flight squadrons were cut from 76 to 50. Moreover, the Administration enacted a pay freeze on U.S. troops, 80 percent of whom earned $30,000 or less annually.

Inattention to defense did not, however, prevent the Clinton Administration from pursuing massive social experiments in the military in the name of gender and diversity reform, which included requiring “consciousness raising” classes for military personnel, redefining physical standards if women were unable to meet the traditional norms, and in general undermining the meritocratic benchmarks that are a crucial component of military morale.

While budget cuts forced some military families to go on food stamps, the Pentagon spent enormous sums to re-equip ships and barracks to accommodate co-ed living. All these efforts further reduced the Pentagon’s ability to put a fighting force in the field-a glaring national vulnerability dramatized by the war in Kosovo. This diminished the crucial elements of fear and respect for American power in the eyes of adversaries waiting in the wings.

During the Clinton years, the Democrats’ insistence that American power was somehow the disturber-rather than the enforcer-of international tranquility, prompted the White House to turn to multilateral agencies for leadership, particularly the discredited United Nations. While useful in limited peacekeeping operations, the UN was in large part a collection of theocratic tyrannies and brutal dictatorships which regularly indicted and condemned the world’s most tolerant democracies — specifically the United States, England and Israel — while supporting the very states providing safe harbors for America’s al Qaeda enemy.

Sound familiar?

Read it all.  These leopards will never change their spots.

And let’s not forget Carter:

After his 1976 election as President, Carter slashed defense spending by $6 billion (in 2003 dollars) during the first two years of his administration, canceling the B-1 bomber and decimating the U.S. fleet.

Carter would later boast that, as president, he set about “convincing the Soviets of our ability and resolve to respond.” But as political analyst Ben Johnson puts it, “Unfortunately, his response was naïvete and unilateral surrender.” Carter failed to consult either the Pentagon or the Kremlin before removing U.S. missiles from South Korea within hours of his inauguration, a move that Soviet General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev interpreted as weakness rather than conciliation. In 1979, Brezhnev refused to remove Soviet submarines and aircraft from Cuba.

Also during his presidency, Carter offered to remove all U.S. troops from South Korea.

And he did so well in the Middle East…


‘If he [the liberal] thinks that his country’s weapons or strategy menace peace, then Peace, he feels, [and] not his country’s military plans, should take precedence.’

James Burnham, from his 1964 book, Suicide of the West


Let’s just hope Sec. Gates means what he says about cutting just the bureaucracy and moving the money to get our Troops more and better equipment.  And certain leopards members in Congress don’t muck it up, as usual.


Amnesty, Shamnesty ~

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Dream Act Passed in Congress: Dream Act Debated and Then Passes in the House

(Warning: entering delusional revised history and moral relativity ~ you may experience light-headedness and loss of bearings.)

Numbers USA is all over this:


Now We Have To Defeat DREAM Act Amnesty In The Senate Thursday Morning.

Start calling your own U.S. Senators at 8 Thursday morning until we announce the vote.


  • You can find the Senate target list on our
  • The House vote at 9:01 p.m. EST tonight was 216-198 in passing the amnesty in the House. But the amnesty won’t actually happen if if the Senate fails to get 60 votes for cloture Thursday. We only have to win once to win the whole thing.
  • The Senate cloture vote is required to allow the debate to start on the amnesty. If it gets less than 60, the bill is dead. If cloture DOES pass, there will be a debate on the bill and then another cloture vote in which we can again have a chance to kill the bill by keeping the vote below 60 (of the 100 Senators).


The Senate schedule states that the amnesty will be taken up after the Senate convenes at 9:30. That could easily change, but we’ll be live then in case things start happening that early.

20 House Members Failed To Vote

The usual 218 vote majority was not needed tonight because 20 Representatives failed to show up to vote:

DEMOCRATS: Berry (Ark.), Cohen (Tenn.), Delahunt (Mass.), Kilpatrick (Mich.), Marshall (Ga.), Mollohan (W.Va.), Schiff (Calif.) and Wu (Oregon)

REPUBLICANS: Bilbray (Calif.), Blunt (Mo.) Buyer (Ind.), Fallin (Okla.), Gingrey (Ga.), Granger (Texas), Griffith (Ala.), Marchant (Texas), McMorris Rodgers (Wash.), Radanovich (Calif.) and Stutzman (Ind.)

It is doubtful that these absences affected the final outcome.

8 REPUBLICANS Broke With Their Party Leadership
And Voted FOR The Amnesty

Our chances to defeat the amnesty were sunk with the defection of these 8 Republicans in favor of amnesty:

FLORIDA – L. Diaz-Balart
FLORIDA – M. Diaz-Balart
FLORIDA – Ros-Lehtinen

38 DEMOCRATS Broke With Their Party Leadership And Voted AGAINST Amnesty

We almost did as well with Democrats as I had hoped. I had always said we needed at least 42 Democrats to vote for unemployed Americans and against the amnesty, although I felt 45 probably was needed. Because of so many Republican defections, we actually needed more.

These were both re-elected Democrats and Democrats who were defeated, all of whom went against incredibly emotional appeals from their Party’s top leaders in floor speeches tonight.

It is quite rare for a Speaker of the House to go to the floor and make a speech. But Speaker Pelosi made it clear that passing this amnesty is one of the dearest things to her heart in an impassioned speech that seemed to laud as a hero every citizen of another country who is courageous enough to break our immigration laws.

Nonetheless, these Democrats OPPOSED the amnesty:

ALABAMA – Barrow
ALABAMA – Bright

ILLINOIS – Costello
ILLINOIS – Lipinski

INDIANA – Donnelly
INDIANA – Ellsworth
INDIANA – Visclosky

KENTUCKY – Chandler
MARYLAND – Kratovil
MINNESOTA – Peterson


NEW YORK – Arcuri
NEW YORK – Higgins
NEW YORK – Owens


OHIO – Boccieri
OHIO – Kaptur
OHIO – Space
OHIO – Wilson


UTAH – Matheson
VIRGINIA – Boucher

No matter what you may think about the rest of the politics of these Members, I hope those of you in their states will give them major pats on the back for taking this stand.

Notice how they are from all over the country.

Special thanks to all of you Pennsylvanians who outdid yourself with 7 Democrats voting NO.

And how often do you New Yorkers have something to be proud about when it comes to immigration voting? But you did well tonight. So did those of you from Indiana, Ohio and North Carolina.

I’m especially proud of all the Democrats who lost their seats in the November elections and still voted against their Party leaders and against the amnesty tonight.

Most Senate voicemail boxes are full. So, you won’t be able to leave messages. You need to start calling after 7 a.m. EST Thursday for a last chance to affect the outcome.

Roy Beck, President, NumbersUSA

President Obama released this statement on the House passing the Amnesty Bill:

I congratulate the House of Representatives, Speaker Pelosi, Congressman Berman, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and other congressional leaders for taking the historic step of passing the DREAM Act today with a bipartisan vote. This vote is not only the right thing to do for a group of talented young people who seek to serve a country they know as their own by continuing their education or serving in the military, but it is the right thing for the United States of America. We are enriched by their talents and the success of their efforts will contribute to our nation’s success and security. And as the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office found, the DREAM Act would cut the deficit by $2.2 billion over the next 10 years. I strongly urge the U.S. Senate to also pass the DREAM Act so that I can sign it into law as soon as possible.

Tell the Senate NO!  And remind them that it’s WE THE PEOPLE they represent – not themselves or their pet lobbyists.

Also ~

The House passed the bill Wednesday evening by a 212-206 vote. It would cap the annual operating budgets of federal agencies at the $1.2 trillion approved for the recently finished budget year — a $46 billion cut of more than 3 percent from President Barack Obama’s request.

It includes $159 billion to prosecute the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq next year and deals a blow to Obama’s efforts to close the Navy-run prison for terrorist suspects in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.


Senate Democrats are working on a different approach that would provide slightly more money and would include thousands of pet projects sought by lawmakers. It’s unclear whether that measure can get enough support from GOP old-timers to survive a filibuster by party conservatives. The House bill is free of such “earmarks.”

Byron York

What that means is this: A group of people with some native American background petitions the Secretary for recognition as an Indian tribe. That is approved. The new tribe owns a parcel of land and offers the land to the Interior Department for the purpose of the U.S. government taking title to the property — taking it into trust — and then allowing the tribe to use the land for its own purposes. That way, the new tribe doesn’t have to pay taxes on the land and is also protected from legal actions against them. Then the new tribe, enjoying those benefits of federal land ownership and not having to answer to any state or local authorities, opens a casino.

They will vote on this continuing resolution to keep the government running next week.

None of this makes any sense.  But then it is the Pelosi and Reid Progressive House and Senate  we’re talking about here.


The Most Ethical and Constitutional Congress Evah ~

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From the VFW Weekly:

Defense Bill Still Unfinished: The 111th Congress has yet to pass the National Defense Authorization Act, which impacts mission readiness and quality of life programs for military personnel and their families and retirees. The House version of the defense bill includes a 1.9% pay increase for active-duty personnel; the Senate version a 1.4% increase. The House legislation would also allow children of military families enrolled in TRICARE to be covered up to age 26, as well as keep inpatient TRICARE copayments low, among other enhancements. Other VFW-supported amendments include Concurrent Receipt improvements that would repeal the 50% and above disability requirement, and the 20-year military service requirement for concurrent pay of VA compensation and earned retirement pay, as well as repealing the SBP/DIC offset for survivors. VFW does not agree, however, with House language to end “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in the defense bill.

Read the House version at

Really – go on over and read the political BS.

“Our military personnel are the heart and soul of our national security, and this bill makes sure that our troops and their loved ones are receiving the first class benefits that they deserve. To improve the quality of life for our forces and their families, the bill provides a 1.9 percent pay raise for all service members, continuing our efforts to reduce the pay raise gap between the uniformed services and the private sector. The bill also increases the maximum amount of hostile fire and imminent danger pay for the first time since 2004, and increases family separation allowance for our service members whose deployment or temporary duty requires them to live away from their families.

But apparently no pay raise.

The average pay for the Military is $22,000.

Which is also the amount that places one at the poverty level.

Yep, those politicos just love our Military.



When Democrats Talk Spending Cuts…

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…I get a wee bit concerned:

Defense decisions: Limit engagements or build strength?

A tug of war over defense spending this week harbingers budget conflicts to come as the irresistible force of rising military costs meets the immovable object of growing fiscal deficits

Read it all here.

Not surprising the Dems are going after Defense – just think of all that money they can’t use for government-run entitlement programs or their pet projects.

(real clear politics)

I’d love to see the US tell all those countries who bad mouth us as we carry them and give them security, that they’d better get it together and carry their own load ~ we’re done with that.  Not that that will happen.  But it would be priceless to see their faces when they realize they need to defend their own countries.

Yet, someone has to protect the blithering idiots around this world.  Unfortunately, we seem to be joining them in their idiocy.  This could end very badly.

Strong Defense/Limited Government ~ Two concepts absolutely abhorrent to the left side of the aisle, and far too many on the right.

Instead of just going after our defense, how about taking on all those government programs that aren’t in our government’s job description, which can be found in our Constitution.

Oh look!  This just in:

Russia to build nuclear power station in Venezuela